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Jim asked in Computers & InternetSoftware · 1 decade ago

Why does MS Word software change the amount it indents within a multiple-choice exam I'm creating?

I use Word to prepare multiple-choice exams, and just moved from Word 2000 to 2003. (Didn't have this problem until I switched to 2003 version.) Here's an example:

32. Which of the following VoIP providers require(s) the installation of software?

a. Vonage V-Phone.

b. MagicJack.

c. Both a and b.

d. Neither a nor b.

33. In General Mills Inc. v. U.S.,No. 08-1638, the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals:

a. Viewed the stock redemption and distribution as two distinctly separate transactions.

b. Allowed a deduction for the ESOP stock redemption.

c. Both a and b.

d. Neither a nor b.

34. Which of the following is (are) taxable as ordinary income?

a. Payment received for a noncomplete agreement.

b The portion of sale price attributable to goodwill.

c. Both a and b.

d. Neither a nor b.

(The "indent inconsistency" didn't show up in the above text, but imagine, in the middle question, the "answer options of a, b, c, etc., appearing half-an-inch to the right, compared to each of the other questions. That's the problem.)

Does anyone have a suggestion for how to use Word or other software to prepare multiple-choice exams? I like to have the question "numbers" in the same column, and then the "a,b,c," answer options also line up in a column, consistently.

I need a professional-appearing format without pulling my hair out. Thanks.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Word does it's best at auto-formatting which can cause some strange problems. I'm thinking it is because there is no ? in the question 33 that makes it do something different (? is end of sentence which is different behaviour)

    I usually solve those in 2 ways (other than pulling my hair out ;})

    1) Select a paragraph/line I like and click on the format painter (brush) in the tool bar. Then click on the paragraphs that I want to look the same.

    2) Select the paragraphs intended too far and press the shift left button in the toolbar.

    You may have to do a little tweaking with either of those. For example, in 1 right click the first paragraph and restart numbering.

    Hope that helps.

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