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Eurostar St Pancras to Paris

我想問Eurostar check in係咪好似機場咁, 有限幾多分鐘之前唔到, 就唔比上車??

因為我架coach,15:20先到london victoria coach station

架eurostar 16:04開...


要由coach station行去metro, 又遠唔遠呢?

如果趕唔切, 我就要買過張coach ticket ga la...


我又驚coach會delay wor, 會唔會塞車..?

Update 2:

仲有仲有.... 佢check in 係點??

係咪好似機場, 又唔比帶LIQUID之類...


Update 3:

now, national express Train, 去到st Pancras train station, 15:01, 應該okay ma?

同一個station, 行過去eurostar應該好近?

16:04先departure, 一個鐘搞掂晒check in d野未??

thx again!

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    Time is a bit tight.

    You have to reach St. Pancras at lease 15:45

    If you are travel on weekday, the traffic is busy.

    on the tube, it takes about 20-25 mins from Victoria to St. Pancras.

    Underground (tube) and coach could be delay. ( it always happen)

    From coach station to tube about 5-10 minutes on foot. ( if you carry luggage would slow down your speed)

    Traffic jam always happen in london weekday ( business hours)

    If you takes taxi, it would not much different. ( 5-10minutes more if you are lucky)

    Euro star, need immagration, security check and borading ticket.

    Cannot take exploxvise stuffs.. sharp objects.

    For insurance, change your coach ticket to an eariler time.

    2009-05-14 10:43:34 補充:

    Believe me, One hour is really tight in london.

    London traffic system is not as good as HK.

    If I were you, I would change my coach ticket rather then miss a train to Paris.

    2009-05-14 10:44:04 補充:

    Also, Two stations apart (coach station and tube station) is quite a far... if you carry heavry luggage quite troublesome.

    St. Pancras is a BIG station. From the tube to the euro star also is a long distance.

    2009-05-14 10:44:11 補充:

    If you haven't travel there before, it also takes time to work the dirctions...

    In fact, King's Cross and St. Pancras very close to each other. Both of them are huge station. For example, Hong Kong station in airport express to Central station. They are much bigger than HK one..

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