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In order to characterize the corrosiveness of air space in control room, the coupon testers shall be provided and placed in control room. The reactivity rate is then measured timely as a corrosive film growth on those coupons. The analytical service for characterizing the corrosiveness shall also be provided by Vendor.

There shall be service access to the blower compartment properly sealed to preclude external air bypass of all stages of air cleaning.


還有請問 coupon tester & 空調中的Media bed是什麼意思?


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    為了了解控制室內空間腐蝕的特性 必須提供試片並放置在控制室內 當腐蝕薄膜在試片上成長 要經常測量其反應速率 供應商必須提供腐蝕特性分析的服務


    coupon tester 作腐蝕分析時通常會放金屬薄片 如銅片 就是所謂的 Coupon, coupon test 翻譯作 試片懸掛測試 coupon tester 就翻作 試片

    media bed 有人翻做介質床 常見於水質或空氣淨化設備中放置吸附污染物的材料

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