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Why does the FDA say food can't cure any thing when most ailments come from malnutrition?

Hint: Drug companies

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    The drug companies want you to think that it takes a pill to cure you.

    However serious things like Scurvy can be cured by simple things like eating fruit. This is a disease that killed many sailors until the cure was discovered.

    Gout was once called a "Rich Man's Disease" - because only those that could afford to eat meat with each meal would get it.

    Low salt diets can also cause problems.

    Drinking distilled water is even worse for you.

    Yes drug companies have the attention of the FDA - they spend lots of money on whatever is required to get the job done.

    The FDA does not approve things that make sence - if there is not a profit for some large company - a great example is the FDA challenging that Cherrio's is not allowed to claim it can lower cholestrol - because it is not a regulated drug.

    However the makers of Cherrio's claims that they did clinical trials before making these claims on their packaging.

    I know that drinking alkaline water has allowed me to feel better, and I have not had a cold since I started to drink the alkaline water.

  • Gary B
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    Food can only cure those diseases related to food - like allergies.

    Diseases which are NOT related to food (and most disease ARE NOT due to malnutrition) cannot be cured by dietary changes alone.

    You posted this in diabetes section, so we will use this as an example.

    It is well known that there is NO FOOD that causes diabetes. It is a "myth", an "old wives tale" that eating too much sugar causes diabetes. Sugar DOES NOT cause diabetes!

    There are TWO causes of diabtes:

    Diabetes Type 1 seems to be a disease related to the auto-immune system functions, like psoriasis or HIV. Type 1 Diabetes canNOT be cured by eating a special diet. Since Diabetes affects the patients ability to handle sugars, the patient MUST have a special diet low in sugars and starches (carbs).

    Diabetes Type 2 is caused by being overweight AND an inherited tendency towards a partial failure of the systenm realted to insulin. The problem is not with the FOOD, it is with the patients excessive consumption of food, AND a lack of exercise necessary to burn off the excess calories. Malnutrition is NOT the problem -- EXCESS nutrition is! So the patien DOES need a special diet low in sugars and starches, but the most critical way to control Type 2 Diabetes is with weight loss.

    In most cases, the drug companies do NOT make drugs in order to invent a disease. They work long and hard developing drugs to help patients who cannot otherwise help themselves.

    the most serious disease are NOT caused by malnutrition, but by the "pollutions" we voluntarily put into our own bodies -- tobacco (smoked or chewed), alcohol, and unpurified, uncontrolled illicit drugs.

  • 1 decade ago

    Most malnutrition comes from listening to tv ads and peer pressure to be ultra thin. And it comes from Mom working one or more full time jobs as well as trying to raise kids.

    I just read an interesting article in a paper magazine on Veganism being the basis for malnutrition in children. Their mothers cling to Vegan diet and so the fetus doesn't get any of the nutrients that are in animal products.

  • Noccie
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    Food can not cure diabetes and is not the result of malnutrition. The same can be said for cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, autism, neurofibromatosis, epilepsy, leukemia, lyme disease.....

    There is no drug conspiracy keeping people unhealthy. I thank God that the drug companies have created human insulin, insulin pumps, and are working hard to perfect continuous glucose meters.

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  • 1 decade ago

    congrats you just answered your own question

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