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Has Yahoo Answers changed your opinion of Men or Women?

I think it's a interesting question?

People reveal the best and the worst here.

We hear about abusive men.

Women withholding children from fathers

Arrests and Domestic violence

Stay or leave



Has Yahoo answers changed your opinion in any way about either gender or for that matter Marriage?


For me it confirms things that I knew and have experienced.

A small part of me (is in denial) believing there's a few good people out there. Just kidding.

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    Yes actually. I realise how many people just can't be bothered to make the effort to work through problems.

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    Short answer: not really.

    Long answer:

    Some stereotypes were mildly reinforced, but the diversity of opinion from both genders on here also surprised me.

    When it's a him-vs-her deal, I have noticed that women *tend* to defend the women, and men *tend* to defend the men. I do this too often myself, and I don't like it. I suppose it's due to what we can relate to (empathy).

    What strikes me most is a minority of unfortunate posts on here that make me want to say "What bad thing happened to you that might explain why you process thought the way you do" and "If I ever meet somebody who sounds like you in real life, I'm going to run in the other direction" It scares me that these people are walking among us passing for normal. I'm not even talking about the borderline illiteracy; that's a separate subject.

    I've read a (smaller) minority of posters that strike me as either consistently insightful (or funny or goofy) enough that I look up to them. I wonder what's going on in their heads too, but in a good way.

    Edit: Piggy has a great point. You also get a lot of posts on here where they want to work on the problem but the spouse doesn't, or doesn't recognize how bad it is.

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    1 decade ago

    What I find a little disconcerting, is that many people can be so cruel, rude and intolerant to others who are having a problem and asking for advice. They are not asking to be abused by a stranger. If the Answerer doesnt like the question, or cant relate to the problem, then just move on, dont be rude or nasty to the person asking the question.

    And also, the amount of people who defend porn, thats disturbing. I mean the kind of answers people give when, say, a wife is upset because her hubby has a porn addiction... that poor wife is then criticised and demeaned by answerers who try to tell her that porn is normal and safe and ok, when its obviously none of those things to her marriage.

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    To tell you the truth no. It's nothing that you don't hear about in daily conversations. The same problems, the same issues.. But the sad thing about it is 95 % of it here are from folks who are unhappy in there marriages.. I myself have been through a divorce so i can relate to allot of what is being said so i enjoy expressing my opinion on matters. And in a way it helps me with my own marriage.

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  • 1 decade ago

    To be honest, I think coming on Y!A has opened my eyes a little more about the reality of marriage.

    I mean, everyone knows that people cheat, lie,steal, abuse, etc...but hearing strangers discuss their personal matters on here for the world to give an opinion's a little frightening.

  • 4 years ago

    No if anything it's the exact opposite of sexism. Gender studies indicate that it's not about one gender or the other and is mostly gender nuetral. Womens studies on the other hand not so much.

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    1 decade ago

    No.... its only confirmed what I already thought.... some people are selfish, rude, ignorant, misogynists, stupid, evil etc. Nothing surprises me on here.

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    Good to know that women like men who keep their stuff down there trimmed or shaved. because you never know what's in the thick hair.

  • 1 decade ago

    Nope, just reinforced my worst opinions of each.

  • 1 decade ago

    with reading these answers I learnt there are people travelling in the same boat which I am travelling.

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