Can someone tell they have a fever if they press their hand to their forehead? and how? Please explain!?


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    it not your hand, its the inside of your wrist you have to use. If your forehead is warmer than your wrist it indicates a fever. Your wrist is usually always the perfect body temperature you see. They also say that you can check if the milk is too hot or too cold for a baby this way too. When you do not feel any difference then its okay for baby.

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    Normally pressing the back of your hand, since it is more sensitive, to the forehead will allow someone to tell if the person has a fever or not. If their forehead is warm/hot than they may have a slight fever, if it is cold/room temp then most likely all is ok.

    This is assuming that both their forehead and your hand should be at room temperature, (meaning not under a pillow making it hot, out in the sun for a while, etc.)

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    Well, if they're burning up you can tell right off the bat, if they have a low grade fever, you may not be able to tell with a hand on the forehead.

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    I don't think they can. Let me our palms/hands are sensitive enough to not only differentiate a difference of less than 2 degrees, but they are able to do so without any frame of reference?

    In other words, you are saying that someone could touch any object and tell whether it is warmer or colder than 98.6? If so, does it only work for 98.6 because the person taking the temp is somehow using their own body temp as reference?

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yes, If their forehead is burning hot and they are sweating that means that they got fever

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