How much would I get for trading in the DSi at Gamestop?

I just bought it, and I do really like it...But I'm beggining to think I'm getting tired of video games. I'm to busy, and there are things way more important. Does anyone know how much cash/store cred would get. (I know they take off 20% for cash)


Yeah, i know all that. And I LIKE NO EBAY!! :P But thank you guys for the answers.

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    Wither you like gamestop or not theyre gonna rip you off.... youre better off trying to sell it to a friend or making a flier and posting it up on the town bulletin boards and selling it yourself.... Gamestop will prob give you about... 110 for it.... minus the 20% less for cash.... thats pretty lame in my book....

    Source(s): gamestop employee for 2 years.... ive been there while they continue ripping people off
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    Dsi At Gamestop

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    If you trade it in, the max they would give you is $120. I recommend you to sell it on Ebay or any trustworthy web sites because you would get a more reasonable price. But if you just wanted to get rid of it quickly and get some right away money or cash, Gamestop is good. If you are just getting tired of video games, you can use the DSi as a camera or a voice recorder.

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    First of all, don't trade anything in at gamestop, because they rip u off. If u buy something there for $30.00 if u try to sell it they will buy it from u for about $5.00. Sell it at blockbuster or ebay, u will get a better deal.

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  • 1 decade ago

    when i go there they dont even give me cash they just give store credit which sucks

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