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Marijuana legal in Canada?

Is Marijuana legal in BC?

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    Marijuana possession in Canada (in any province) is still ILLEGAL, no matter what the quantity. Despite what others have said before me, there are no provinces in Canada where you will get a ticket and a fine like a traffic ticket. If you are charged, it is criminally and you have to go to court (where you will get your fine).

    That said, officers probably will not lay charges for a tiny amount under 1g (they wouldn't let you keep it however). This depends on the officer though.

    The laws changes recently making possession of <30g of marijuana a summary conviction offence. That is a lot of pot (1oz). This is considered a minor offence with lower penalties and no fingerprinting is done (mugshot only)for these offences.

    There was talk to decriminalizing possession of small quantities but the new incoming federal government stopped the bill.

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    Like I said before, we are not moving to Canada!

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    no it's not, but I heard they have places in Vancouver where you can go in and buy some.

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    LOL no!!

    At least i dont think so :\


    Source(s): Live in Toronto... its illegal but its evrywhere
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    why does it matter? people do it anyway lol

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    No, it is not.

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