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how did the council of trent change the catholic church?

What was The Council of Trent. How did it change the Catholic Church and what long lasting effects are still being seen today?

You don't have to but I would appreciate it if you could please add any sources that can back up your answer. NO WIKI.

Thank you and please respond quickly.

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    Define Council Of Trent

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    The Council of Trent did not introduce any new doctrines, beliefs, or practices into the Catholic Church. It was a response to the Protestant revolution and it was designed to define and hold fast to the old teachings and traditions of the Church.

    For instance, Luther rejected seven books from the Old Testament, so the Council of Trent went back to the define the books of the Old Testament that it considered canon. Luther rejected transubstantiation, so the council settled this doctrine for the Church.

    The way the Council of Trent changed things was that now Catholics were having their doctrines and statements of faith etched in stone. The council helped to settle Catholic beliefs.

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