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Anonymous asked in SportsFootball (Soccer)FIFA World Cup (TM) · 1 decade ago

Who is Your favorite footballer from this countries?

All time:)








El Salvador-

Costa Rica-








Brazil- Ronaldo

Spain- Raul

Colombia- Carlos Valderrama

Argentina- Riquelme ( Messi soon)

Mexico- Hugo Sanchez

France- Thierry Henry

Chile- Elias Figueroa

El Salvador- Jorge "el magico" Gonzales

Costa Rica- Rolando Fonseca

Germany- Gerd Muller

Ecuador- Ivan Hurtado

Russia-lev Yashin

Portugal- Luis Figo

Italy- Del Piero

England- Beckham

Update 2:

I expect no one to know Mexico, El Salvador, Costa Rica, CHile, Ecuador, Chile,and Colombia!

oops i forgot the Netherlands!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Colombia-Carlos "El Pibe" Valderrama

    Argentina-Diego Maradona

    Mexico-Luis "El Matador" Hernandez or Zague

    France-Thierry Henry

    Chile-Marcelo Salas

    El Salvador-Jorge "El Magico" Gonzales my idol because i'm salvadorian

    Costa Rica-Paulo Wanchope

    Germany-Rudi Voller

    Ecuador-Agustin Delgado

    Russia-Lev Yashin

    Portugal-Luis Figo

    Italy-Alessandro Del Piero

    England-Steven Gerrard

    Netherlands-Dennis Bergkamp

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Brazil- Ronaldinho!

    Spain- Iniesta

    Colombia- Carlos Valderrama

    Argentina- Messi

    Mexico- Hugo Sanchez

    France- Thierry Henry

    Chile- Elias Figueroa

    El Salvador- Jorge Gonzales

    Costa Rica- Rolando Fonseca

    Germany- Beckenbauer

    Ecuador- Ivan Hurtado

    Russia-lev Yashin

    Portugal- Luis Figo

    Italy- Cannavaro

    England- Beckham

    Holland- Cruyff

  • 1 decade ago

    Brazil- Ronaldinho

    Spain- Cesc Fabregas

    Colombia- Carlos Valderrama

    Argentina- Lionel Messi

    Mexico- Giovanni Dos Santos

    France- Thierry Henry

    Chile- Marcelo Salas

    El Salvador- Jorge Gonzales

    Costa Rica- Paulo Wanchope

    Germany- Franz Bekenbauer

    Ecuador- Antonio Valencia

    Russia- Lev Yashin

    Portugal- Eusebio

    Italy- Francesco Totti

    England- Frank Lampard

    Netherlands- Frank Rijkaard

  • 1 decade ago

    Brazil: Gerson

    Spain: Michel

    Colombia: Oscar Cordoba

    Argentina: Fillol

    Mexico: Jorge Campos

    France: Jean Pierre Papin

    Chile: Zamorano

    El Salvador: ----

    Costa Rica: Conejo

    Germany: Beckenbauer

    Ecuador: Aguinaga

    Russia: Radchenko

    Portugal: Ricardo

    Italy (and the world): Del Piero (Dino Zoff is a close second)

    England: Gordon Banks

    The Netherlands: Marc Overmars & Ed De Goey

    Anybody noticed I've got a soft spot for goalkeepers?

  • 1 decade ago

    Brazil- Rafinha

    Spain- David Villa

    Colombia- Cordoba

    Argentina- Roberto Ayala

    Mexico- Salcido

    France- Lassana Diarra

    Chile- Mark Gonzalez

    El Salvador- x

    Costa Rica-x

    Germany- Podolski

    Ecuador- Antonio Valencia

    Russia- Yuri Zhirkov

    Portugal- Quaresma

    Italy- Davide Santon

    England- Gerrard

    Netherlands- Rafael Van der Vaart

  • 1 decade ago


    Spain-Iker Casillas

    Colombia Pablo Armero

    Argentina-Gabriel Heinze

    Mexico-Rafael Márquez

    France-Franck Ribery

    Chile-Miguel Pinto

    El Salvador-Alfredo Pacheco

    Costa Rica-Ricardo Gonzalez

    Germany-Philip Lahm

    Ecuador-Cristian Lara

    Russia-Roman Pavlyuchenko

    Portugal-Cristiano Ronaldo

    Italy-Andrea Pirlo

    England-Wayne Rooney

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Brazil- Ronaldo

    Spain- Ah! This is hard... really? Just one? I can't =\\

    Colombia- Asprilla currently: Amaranto Perea

    Argentina- Riquelme or Batistuta

    Mexico- Haven't followed them for longer than a couple of years

    France- Zidane or Trezeguet

    Chile- Ivan Zamorano I think

    El Salvador- No clue sorry

    Costa Rica- Don't know

    Germany- Hmm... Lahm

    Ecuador- Oh I forgot his name use to play for Uni. Quito

    Russia- Arshavin? I don't follow the Russians too much

    Portugal- Figo :D I love Figo and Simao & Deco

    Italy- Hm... Del Piero

    England-haha I can't think of one that outplays the other ones by miles to be honest

  • Sam H
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    Brazil- Ronaldo

    Spain- Raul

    Colombia- René Higuita

    Argentina- Messi

    Mexico- Blanco

    France- Henry

    Chile- idk

    El Salvador- idk

    Costa Rica- idk

    Germany- Oliver Kahn

    Ecuador- idk

    Russia- Arshavin

    Portugal- Figo

    Italy- Gattuso

    England- Joe Cole

    NETHERLANDS- Ruud van Nistelrooy

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Why do you expect no one to know those teams? We all watched more than one World Cup and plenty of football mate. Anyways:

    Brazil- Kaka

    Spain- Raul

    Colombia- Valderrama

    Argentina- Batistuta

    Mexico- Borgetti

    France- Zidane

    Chile- Zamorano haha

    El Salvador-Gonzales

    Costa Rica- Wanchope

    Germany- Bierhoff

    Ecuador- Tenorio

    Russia- Lev Yashin/Arshavin

    Portugal- Figo

    Italy- Baggio/Maldini

    England- Rooney

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    All time

    Brazil Garrincha

    Spain Raul

    Colombia Valderama

    Argentina Diego Maradona

    Mexico C.Blanco

    France Zidane

    Chile Salas and zamorano

    Ecuador Delgado

    Russia Arshavin

    Portugal No One Really

    Italy Del piero and Paolo Rossi

    England no one

    Netherlands Cruyff


    GERD MUELLER and Bastian Schweinsteiger and Lothar Matthaus

    Add I Forgot Costa Rica paolo Wanchope and R.Gomez

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