I need help - I am staying at a hostel for the first time and need some advice!?

I am a 19 year old girl.

In one month, I will be staying alone in a hostel in a big european city.

I've already stayed in hostels, but I used to always be with a friend, and we would always take a private room.

Now, for the first time, I will be staying alone in a 12 bed dorm.

My questions might seem dumb but.. Are there certain rules to respect while staying in dorms?

For example, if you come back in the middle of the night, and everyone is sleeping.. How do you not wake-up everyone else?

Also, in the morning, if you have to wake up at a certain time.. Can you put an alarm on? Or is that just disrespectful towards the other people?

Are there specific things that I need to bring?

Thank-you very much

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    Have no fears. Civilisation lives,even in hostel dorms...even in mixed hostel dorms. Some people are noisy,and some get told to shut up. Some pretend they don't understand the language,but if I whispered in a harsh and cruel tone.."GaneeeTeeSH!!"..after you made a noise at 3am,you'd know what it means wouldn't you? Gotta chuckle sometimes. . . .

    Anyway,worry not. Most people are quiet,and most people appreciate others being quiet,but we all know that a creaking floor-board or door hinge can't always be be avoided. I use a small LED cycle rear lamp for a bed light,cos it's red and doesn't disturb people. Taking the cover off gives me a white one. They last for weeks on a set of batteries and cost three or four US Dollars, or Euros, or British Pounds,or nine hundred billion Zimbawe Dollars... So have not fears,neither have thou worries. Mostly we all live happily,complete with the snorers,whistlers,constant shufflers, tooth-grinders and spring-twangers that makes life in hostel dorms such a thrilling and exhilirating adventure.......and two nights out of three you'll have some nice peace and lovely quietness all night long...till 0430 when the disco has chucked out and the taxi appears outside and the row begins as to who's paying the fare and you hope and pray they are in another dorm!..And then,just when you're settling down again, somebody's alarm goes off two beds away for their 6 am flight.......

    Oh,yes...great life in dorms.....Well,actually I did put everything into one night and most nights most of them are happening little enough so you can safely ignore it and get some sleepy-bies. But just sometimes,only sometimes, you wish you were somewhere else....not too often. ... .

    First thing when you get into the dorm is to see if there are showers and toilets at one end...if so sleep at the other end,if there's a space and the company looks better than totally undesirable or even quite,er,well,you know,er...normal...and there's no huge hi-fi system with a sub-woofer and six microphones and a mile of cables set up for an expected gig,or piles of last night's wet clothes after Dmitri, Ingrid, and Yusof failed to find a taxi in the pouring rain. At the shower end you'll have people sauntering past your bed at all hours.

    And there's always a danger of somebody walking past just when you thought you could safely save a minute by not walking to the shower because there's nobody looking or moving this way, and you quickly and quietly slip on a new top when you're topless underneath...oh! Beetroot juice!!.

    Hence the 'other-end' bunks fill up the quickest....they tend to be a bit more private.

    Now,for the delicate matter of washing and showering and hair-fixing and the other bits we need to do at times....even in mixed dorms,you are safe...there is a code. You can get down to your undies and put a towel round,or a gown,and nobody will bat an eyelid. The bunks provide some natural cover and super-long bath towels draped over the side can make a nice cosy changing room. From one side anyway. The males of the species will often be in undies on or by their beds,relaxing,drying off,or changing for a night on the town. Quite normal.and we all get used to it.

    Everyone's got leggies...some have matchsticks glued together with the heads stuck in the middle for kneecaps...some have giant tree-trunks with cellulite thicker than pine bark....it's polite not to laugh....keep giggles private ...well,try anyway....humpphhh..no,no,can't laugh...no,no,...oh dear...time for a walk.

    Further than undies....no,no,no...not in the dorm unless you can fix up a screen from sheets or whatever. But occasionally a risk is taken,as above...and sometimes the whole dorm is empty apart from you...so saving walking time to the shower room or to the 'thie beg'...the little house.

    Or you can lay down and change under the sheet,but it's an awkward wiggle getting things down and up,and it looks funny...actually quite hilarious with some of the not-so-fit people when they've obviously got some delicate item stuck on their toes and can't quite bend enough or reach enough to get it sorted. And you can hear them cursing themselves for not trimming their toenails yesterday when the same thing happened twice. It's a lot easier to disappear into the shower room for a minute..

    In mixed dorms there are sometimes seperate facitities,sometimes not. Depends what space can be made and how the owners feel about it. But they are safe,and they've got locks.

    The men get up at 6am so they can get a shower before all the girls start getting up or they'll never get in all morning,so the girls get up at 5.30 to get a shower before the men take over....well,not that bad,but sometimes there is quite a wait and if you wake up at 8.30am and find the room is surprisingly quiet with nobody coming and going,it's usually best to get up and have the advantage of a no-wait shower. Or when you come in at 2am...Pure luxury....and you don't even feel the need to rush because there's nobody else even remotely awake....er,no..forget that...no point tempting Providence,haha ...Well,that's all the personal awkward bit done.

    Have no fears,you are safe....

    All you need with you is your washing kit,changes of clothes,and whatever luxuries you like to live with. Washing powder can sometimes be had from reception,a few cents for a cup-full. Otherwise bring your own. Washing knickers in the sink in the washroom is allowed. It's sometimes the only place you can do it. Sometimes a dorm is like a Christmas tree with bras and knickers hanging over the bed-ends to dry,blouses and skirts hanging in the windows, and usually a much smaller selection of men's undies,socks,shirts,sometimes things even as big as a pair of jeans..first wash in three months...panic..need something clean for the plane home... Mum's picking me up. She'll only moan otherwise.

    Cooh ! A domesticated man at last! Or as far as it gets.

    Some people play radios in the dorms. Some are as quiet as little pansies in a flower bed....Oh,Paradise,is a room full of those,pure delight. I had one in Ljubljana...lovely Villa Veselova in the same street as the Austrian Embassy. What a lovely hostel !. With a nice pink room labelled 'Pink' for the nice girlie-whirlies. And a verandah to dry the washing,sit in the sunshine and enjoy a smuggled-in beer or a coffee.

    So good and quiet I slept too late....

    Can't win 'em all. Enjoy the day. That's what they're for.

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  • 3 years ago

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  • 1 decade ago

    in addition to jonal's great response, bring yourself a headlamp to use at night so you won't wake as many people up, and put your stuff that you need at night at the top of your bag before you go out so you're not digging through it. ear plugs and an eye mask can be nice too when trying to sleep a bit. if you come in and rummage through your bag at 4 in the morning and wake someone up, just think, how annoyed would you be if someone woke you up at 4 in the morning trying to noisily find something. try to put yourself in others shoes. just remember to be respectful of everyone else!

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