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How to add gpsphone cheats for pokemon?

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can anyone help me to add cheats on gpsphone either a walkthrough or a video please help!!!!
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Ok. Im gonna take you through this step by step.
Ensure your iTouch is jailbroken and you have got your GBA Roms installed with GPSPhone.
If you havent done so already download SBSettings and Open SSH of Cydia. And download a program called WinSCP on your computer.
Im going to use Pokemon Ruby as an example.

Search for 'Pokemon Ruby' Gameshark (or Action Replay) codes on google.
Find the ones you want (e.g. Infinate Master Balls or whatever)
Open up a notepad file.
Into the notepad file type the following:
For Action Replay: (Dont Type That)
PAR_v3 "Name of the Cheat"
"Paste the cheat code here"

For Gameshark: (Once again, Dont Type that!)
Gameshark_v3 "Name of the Cheat"
"Paste the cheat code here"

Now when you have finished save the file to a memorable folder (make a new one called GpSPhone cheats?)
Name the file as "Pokemon Ruby". NOTE: The file must have the EXACT SAME NAME AS THE ROM FILE ON GPSPHONE! "It it's called Poke Ruby or Pokemon Sapphire" NAME IT "Poke Ruby or Pokemon Sapphire" otherwise it wont work!

Now with the file's folder (or subfolder) open, find Folder Options
- On Vista, with the folder open click on Organise and Then Folder and File Options. Click on the view tab and then in the checklist, uncheck "Hide File Extension For Known File Types".
Next, go to the file and click Rename, change the '.txt' to '.cht'.

Now the file is ready you have to SSH it in.

Open up WinSCP. Then go to your iTouch/iPhone and scroll your finger accross the status bar (where it says iPod, Wi-Fi Connection Symbol, The Time, And Battery Symbol etc.) to Open up SBSettings (You can use this for other cool stuff too). Make sure the big toggle that says SSH is On. Then look where it says Wi-Fi IP Address, (You must be connected to the internet).

On WinSCP, where it says Host Name: Type in the Wi-Fi IP Address.
Then in Username type: root and in password type: alpine. Leave everything else blank.
Then click on login.
You will now be able to view ALL your iTouch files!

On your iPod Touch folder screen (the one on the right) on WinSCP, go back a folder, then click on Mobile, then Media and There should be a folder that says ROM, click on that, then on GBA and paste the '.cht' file into here.

Open up GpSPhone and play your selected game and you will have cheats on the Toggle Cheats section of the menu!!!!!!

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Thanks i have a mac tho but ill try
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How to add gpsphone cheats for pokemon?
can anyone help me to add cheats on gpsphone either a walkthrough or a video please help!!!!
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