Trouble harrasment when renting a room?

my dad rents a room in SF and some other renter there harasses him constantly. he tries to raise the rent on my dad even though he is not the owner of the building (the guy has gambling prob. so he tries to get money from all the people there). is there a number he can complain to, besides going to the actual landlord? like a fair housing authority or something?

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  • JB
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    1 decade ago
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    Their are many agencies he can contact in California.EEOC,FHA, City, County, and Federal. People Talk about Civil Rights being abused, If you own property and rent it out you are not allowed to discriminate about any little thing. and then there is Rent control. So any owner of rental property has no rights. You are only hearing your Dad's side of the story. I owned a condo, and for the 20 years I rented it out, I did not have one responsible tenant, all I did was break even during that time, so when property values finally went up. I sunk big bucks into getting it in good condition to sell.

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