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Ok, so I respect everyones opinions, so lets all be mature when I ask and say the following. I mean no offense. But what do you all think about Adam Lambert. I mean my favorite is Dany, I love the rasp but smoothness of his voice. And not just that I think he deserves it, after everything he has been through. But Adam, ah. He is good but there are a few reasons I don't like him. There is being unijque and good, but then there is overdoing it. Sense the first day he let that big note go and changed the melody of the song, he knew. Bingo, that's how I win. So now all he does is finish big, and everyones like oooh, wow. And I just think,1 girls like him because he is good looking. And people get so shocked with his last notes(screaming to me) they forget how he sounds durring the whole song(to me like a squeaky out of tune girl) I guarantee that american Idols rigged, and they all know Adams going to win. They always shine all the light on him. He's always last to go, he's always the last big note where they dramaticaly zoom out and switch on the lights. He uses his dramaticness and the fact he knows hes loved and so do the producers. I mean give some attention to Kris or Danny you know. Just my opinion. Please be respectful. Thanks

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    Adam always has the most dramatic song, but he always over does it. Yes, he has a stage presence and confidence and a charisma that Kris and Danny don't really have. He can sing higher than anyone else and his high notes go on for days.

    But does he have to do it every f___in' song?

    To me, it turns me right off. His vocal theatrics are self-indulgent, over-dramatic, and tiresome. I wouldn't want to listen to a whole album of that.

    Of course, he going to win. Paula has been drooling over him for weeks now, and Randy seems to think he's the best thing since sliced bread.

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  • 1 decade ago

    maybe he asks for that dramatic lighting and stuff. i know when he did born to be wild everyone else did a slow song.

    when kris sings he usually has a guitar or piano or if he sings without an instrument for the most part he doesnt move around. so the spotlight doesnt really move (kinda like when Adam sang Mad real dramatics there)

    danny doesnt have that boom! to him you know? like you said hes more smooth when he sings, he doesnt go all out

    Adam is more of a showman. he is a performer. you know like he does things extravagently. so he has the lights all over the place. hes a rocker thats just the way that kind of things go

    if his songs are at a fast pace then he uses the whole stage and the lights and the background are jumpy and movin-followin him around.

    i enjoy watchin Adam because he goes all out.

    last nights performances were great-they all did good

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  • 1 decade ago

    Aha yay its not just me!

    I am so tired of everyone swooning over this Adam Lambert - so he can hit high notes! Okay - we get it! Apparently its all he can do!

    I am so tired of his shtick - and his eye liner!!! And his haircut reminds me of a epileptic with a Flow-bee!!! Why is all this impressive????

    Danny is real - so is Kris. I get a nice sense of humility from Danny - I respect that and I hope he wins.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Love Kris and danny! but that is totally the type of singer/songwritter type i like... I think adam has a great voice... but too much for me!!! not my type... "the 80's called... they want thier rock star back"

    Go Danny and Kris... but mostly Kris...

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    i like Adam, he's awesome! he's stunning! lol

    but sumtymz it's just funny,haha!

    not into his music, but i kinda like him to win, he deserve it, i think!

    Danny's awesome, sexy voice! haha!

    Kris, cute! lol i like his music... i love his version of Heartless!

    i like Adam and Danny for the top 2, but they liked Kris' performance last night.. so, we'll see!


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  • 1 decade ago

    Totally agree with every word. Adam ALWAYS over does things, and doesn't have to scream in every single song, it's not attractive!!!!


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  • 1 decade ago

    I like Adam and I think he will win but I also like Kris, I don't really like Danny.

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  • 1 decade ago

    i hearrrttt kris because

    1.hes hot

    2.hes a good singer

    3.he seems like a good person!!

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  • 1 decade ago

    I agree with all you said and I am so tired of the judges falling all over him each week. This isn't his fault but it does make it seem rigged or at least the judges are trying to sway the votes. I have kind of lost interest in it this season because of him..

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  • 4 years ago

    Yes, but he has too many fans voting for him to go home.

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