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i get dizzy alot.

i'm a vegetarian.

i eat paper alot.( i heard anemics have an appetite for non-edible things)

my heart beats faster than normal.

i'm really pale.

my hands and feet are always cold.

i shake alot.

under my tongue it's white( according to my father)

my nails are white.

i'm not usually active.

my bruises get BAD and stay for a while.

i'm 14 years old.

i do eat seafood..

my dad said i may be going towards anemia..

what should i do.

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    There are different types of Anemia but that's beside the point.

    You are clearly concerned about proper nutrition so you should see your doctor and they may do some tests. Humans are natural carnivores and we have human canine teeth to prove it. Useful for eating meat but I wont gross you out.

    The highest amounts of protein, which our bodies badly need, are found in meat or poultry - beef and chicken for example. It's possible to live your life as a vegetarian and be healthy but you have to actively monitor your diet and not just avoid meat.

    Part of this sounds like your dad is trying to get you to eat better using a scare tactic. Even if he isn't, you really need to make sure that if you want to be a vegetarian that you ensure your body is getting all the vitamins and minerals it needs.

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    Your purple blood cells contain a substance referred to as Hemoglobin (which comes from the be conscious "Heme" meaning iron). Hemaglobin is made up of iron, as a result your purple blood cells are often made up of iron.

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    anemia just means lack of iron, mannnyyy girls have it including me

    it sound like you just need a bit more nutrients in your system. if your concerned, take iron pills, one a day. they should help if thats the problem.

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