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Why is Shanna Moakler resigning?

Anyone know why, what happened?

Is it because of Trump or Carrie?


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    It would seem that she is pissed that Carrie got to keep the crown. After all, Ms. Moakler has been very vocal about her disapproval of Carrie. Shanna probably felt chumped by Donald Trump. I personally think Shanna wants attention and media focus. She hasn't done anything since last year when she was on Dancing with the Stars. She is trying to get fame by making a big stand and quitting her lame job. Pageants are so 80's anyway....why do we even care about pageant girls.

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    Shanna Moakler is just bitter because she wanted to see Carrie Prejean lose her title and now she's pissed because that didn't happen.

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    a .slut. looking for fame once again - she's stupid

    she quit bc she's jealous that Ms. CA kept her crown

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