Is Gallatin, TN a good place to live in? What is there to do for fun?

I know that Nashville is nearby (about 30 miles?), but how is Gallatin as a city? Is there much stuff to do? How big is it?

I interviewed for a job there and it looks like a small town, but I was wondering if there was stuff to do. Are there any hot chicks? lol

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    GALLATIN TENNESSEE IS AWESOME!! they have lots of fun things to do, they have The Square, which is a little place with lots of restaurants and a few shops. very, very good restaurants around, GREAT, IN FACT! . there is indian lake village (in hendersonville, only a few minutes away from g-town.) which has a movie theater, restaurants, Barnes and Noble (with a built-in Starbucks) and LOTS OF COOL SHOPS! (but mostly shops for women) . there are a few VERY NICE neighborhoods around. they have a community college...its just a cool place if you're interested just ask me for more info

    Source(s): i live in g-town.
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  • how good is the high schools in gallatin tn

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