how to get an Apple iPhone from AT&T?

how do i get one? I have heard that you have to pay like $300 deposit or something like that before you can actually buy one. Is this true? and are there any other things i need to do besides get thee $300 to pay for the actual phone?


if i buy one i will buy it in an AT&T store and add it on my family plan with the rest of my family. so how much will it cost then?

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    1 decade ago
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    OMG, I already have an iphone ordered from AT&T! ;D

    Ok, well it really depends how many GB your gonna get

    Ounce you select one u have to put in a credit card and the shipping is free. Then it takes 2-5 days for it to be shipped. It took me 4 days. Ounce you get it you'll pay what you select in the build ur package option. And when u get it the phone wont work. After that you call 1-888-333-6651. They need to a ctivate it for u for about 20 bucks. The first bill will be a little over 100 bucks for the updates but then it's about 70 a month. YOu have to have ur iphone for atleast two years or you'll break the contract and have to pay for it the rest of the years you haven't payed if u take it back. It seems a little expensive but u can go to They sell them and u can find a better deal there. It's still a little expensive but it's still one of the best phones ever so what can u expect?

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