why do 95%of decent girls choose complete jerks/and/or idiots?and why do the 5% left seem to not know i exist?

now i don't mean to sound emo....im usually a pretty happy guy. and i don;t mean to sound shallow either...by "decent girls" i mean all around good girls..not just good looking. Anways...i'm about to graduate high school and it just KILLS me how most decent girls like complete jerks who don;t even deserve the attention they get. and i';m stuck on the sidelines being nice and caring,,but i dont hardly EVER get noticed. I consider myself a decent looking guy...i have kind of long black hair...a fairly well built body..and a nice personality. i am a little shy but not to much. Maybe its because my "rocker" style has gone out of style...but i serioulsy doubt thats the only reason, because many other kids just like me get girls. there must be something i;m doing wrong. anyways...many adults tell me i'm good looking and a great guy...but most of the comments i get in school are negative...such as that i don;t have a chance with a particular girl because i'm not "Preppy" or "popular". and nothing hurts me more and also makes me very mad and upset than to hear bull**** like that. it also kills me that kids don;t care how upset i am or about what i've been through...they'll insult me regardless. i also have quite a bit of good friends, but still no girl. someone please tell me your point of view on this..and keep in mind that i DON;T have any particular girl in my mind right now...well, one, but she's my best friend and i can;t even dream of messing that up..and thats a whole other story.((answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090513113823AAOqWxt)) And also i want to add the fact that i have been in 2 serious relationships with girls that i REALLY cared for...but they both used me and broke my heart. and Please internet..be more caring and understanding than Body County High..


the link to my other question didn't get copied above. so here it is....((http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=200905...

Update 2:

i meant to say "Boyd County High"

Update 3:

also..when i said i wasnt "emo" and i was usually a happy guy...well..im pretty sure that dosent make me insecure.

Update 4:

just ONE more detail i might wanna add...i'm comeing down from a heavy Caffeine binge and don't feel very good...so its kinda bringing out the negative in me

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    honestly, you'll find some one who'll like you for YOU and nothing else. And from your description I find you very sexy, lol, the rocker style is SOOOO not out of style. But I think I know what you mean, it's human nature to want something that you can't have or in this case these girls want the guys because they don't give them affection which is what they want.

    I've noticed that the guys that I DON'T like are always trying to date me while the ones I DO like .....lol well ...they're to shy to just tell me.....ANYWAYS, guys are the same aren't they. Play hard to get and they want you, give them what they wanted in the first place and they get bored and look for the next fresh thing....it's almost like a game...how sickening.

    But AGAIN, you sound very sweet and you have awesome style, long hair is a plus.....ok this is just me. Ignore the creeper compliments I've given you.....but yeah, you sound like a decent guy to date, don't worry high school is just a short time once you get older you'll see that life's surprises are actually quite pleasing :}

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    Hm... i cant say i know the answer to that one. Its just that somehow we are naturally attracted to "bad boys" because they can bring excitement and new adrenaline type things into our life. What everyone else has said is pretty much true to the fact too.

    I would also like to say that i do care what is going on in your life because ,tho not to similar to your situation, i had a guy that i went out with for 5 months and i soon found out that he only wanted to go out with me for my looks and my body. Which of course pissed me off, i almost slit his throat, but i decided not to..

    anyways... and as for the girls that used you i am very sorry i kinda did that to a guy but it was not on purpose (seriously i was blind to something that happened earlier in my life)and to this day i still feel like the hugest b i t c h ever!

    i just want to tell you that there are people that care, even though the ones on the internet might now show it, i will.

    and i dont exactly know y girls are attracted to the jerks but it just might be because we are insecure about ourselves too and think we dont deserve the good guys. Or it could be because the jerks might be considered in the" in crowd" and other girls are just to afraid to show what they are really looking for. i honestly dont know It could also just be that life just might be soo unfair that the jerks get what they dont deserve (the girls) and the nice guys get nothing... hm....

    but hopefully soon enough someone will realize the fact that the "nice guys" really are better and more reasonably understanding. Then the jerks can go f u c k themselves.


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    after they get their heart's broken by those jerks they will come looking for you, but hopefully you will realize that they aren't worth your time. or you could start treating them like a jerk and watch them fall all over themselves to be with you, but it sounds like you're not the type and you don't want those kind of girls anywaz. you could always spread a rumor that you have an extremely large penis and watch the sluts run you down, but i don't think your looking for that either. just give it time sweetie, and have fun along the way. just keep in mind, where you look is what you get (bar=party/slutty girl) (high school=high school minded idiot girls) (college=college minded idiot girls most of the time) (church=girls who won't put out) (concerts=girls who will leave you for a drummer)

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    Teenage girls (and often adult women as well) tend to have VERY low self-esteem. They go for jerks because they either consciously or subconsciously feel that that's what they deserve. I see it happen everyday.

    We've done everything to get one of my friends out of a relationship she's been in for a year and a half now with a monster, but we've given up and are just letting her deal with it. He cheated on her several times, lies to her, she thinks his parents are demonic, and she always worries he's going to cheat again. But I guess after awhile you have to wonder if they like it, the abuse. Why else stay with it? She admits her self-esteem is terrible, which it is.

    Girls like me with confidence and self-esteem tend to not get boyfriends during high school because we're openly weird, voice our opinions no matter what, and don't let jerks walk all over us. Most teen guys are intimidated by that, so they go for the girls with low self esteem. But my boyfriend is an amazing guy who would've never gotten a girlfriend in highschool because he's funny and nice and confident enough with himself to be openly weird in public, but he got to know me, and there you go.

    REMEMBER: "Quality boys get quality girls." Just, often, not in high school.

    It'll happen soon. I promise.

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    Well most girls like men to treat them like ****. We like the chase. Of course we love to say we want a sweet guy but in reality we like a little drama. The nice guys always end up being our friends, the people we confide in when our 'bad' boy is acting up. I'm sorry that's just the way it is. I can't explain it. But i'm sure you'll find the right girl for you when the time is right.

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    I've wondered the same thing. That's because they've been brainwashed by the media. More often than not, logic doesn't tie into female psychology. A lot of them do it just for image.

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    That's a good question. Lots of girls may be shy and others choose jerks because they are just hoping they can get them to like them. Just wait, when the girls with the jerks get hurt bad enough they will find you. promise:)

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    easy answer because with a jerk, the girl is used to the guy being mean/rude. and if one day that jerk is nice itss such a big difference that the girl thinks sweet then she becomes attracted to him.

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    Prolly because your the last jerk standing hehehe

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    they like a bad boy who's funny

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