Help with a sci-fi story idea or starter?

Ok so I have to write a sci-fi story and it has to be based off a scientifical fact.

Example: in 5,000,000 years the sun will end. So in the year 5,003,000 the sun ends and citizens of earth must save themselves.

Help is very appreciated!

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  • Don M
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    1 decade ago
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    A good sci-fi story consists of two main portions:

    1) A part well-founded in scientific fact, or fact-based speculation.

    2) A what-if question that generally is NOT founded in fact. Usually, the what-if question imagines a world changed by the what-if assumption.

    For instance:

    1) Scientific fact: in 5,000,000 years the sun will 'end'... It's generally thought that spectral class G stars such as the Sun don't go nova, so it will probably work its way through the solar "life cycle" indicated in the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram ( Here's a stellar evolution chart.

    2) Fact-based speculation: 5 million years is enough time for species to evolve, new orders to evolve, civilizations to rise and fall. A lot can happen. Resources such as oil and natural gas may be exhausted. Uranium deposits may be exhausted. Humans may discover other kinds of energy. And that's just ONE dimension: energy production. Think about the world your adventure takes place in, and try to imagine a "normal" world in that time period.

    3) What-if assumption: What if ONE THING were different from all these facts and factual assumptions? For instance, what if we found a way to STOP a star from "getting old" by injecting it with new stellar material, by causing a supermassive fusion reaction in it. To do this requires some other speculative technology. That's OK. So let's say that it's 5 million AD and humans are still around (though quite evolved, and sometimes not in a good way), and we've figured out how to create gigantic asteroid-sized laser impellers to make a giant Tokamak (fusion reactor) to focus lasers of unheard-of power onto the star to re-ignite its fusion reactor.

    Another what-if... what if such a reaction created a region of such concentrated forces and high temperatures that it caused the creation of a mini-universe inside the star? (there are plenty of speculative sources along these lines -- read Time Travel in Einstein's Universe for a few). What if the massive light show was observed by a distant civilization? What if it caused a stable black hole to be created inside the Sun?

    Then take the story from there.

    One more thing... a good SF story usually has a twist at the end, something along the lines of a happy ending, except NOT happy. Like people who destroy a time machine sent from the future and try to put the world back together, only to find a talking monkey astronaut outside the ruined time machine... meaning, the world ISN'T put back together right. And so on.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I once read a short story about a guy coming out of a cryogenic/stasis chamber and finds the Earth destroyed, and he is the only human left. In the end, he gets back in. I'd love to read what happens when he wakes up again.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Cloning and growing for the perfect child.

    In the future, you shop for children, allowing you to choose the physical characteristics of your child. There are then artificially grown and not carried to full term by the mother.

    Women are incapable of physically having children in a traditional way, since the introduction of the drug which allows Men and Women to pursue sexual pleasures, without the fear of sexual disease and pregnancy unfortunately the side effect makes the women barren.

    This is not however that much of a problem for western society.

  • HC
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    1 decade ago

    How about an A.I. that gets frustrated when the computer it runs on keeps crashing.

    @Crystal: Oh wow, I think I read that same story.

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