How quickly can I remove THC from my body?

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I'm looking for work and will need to take the drug test but also clean out any amount of THC that would cause me to fail the test. I am an athlete and so my metabolic rate is more
Update : If you know your biology, I know mine as well. Don't be afraid to more
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lots of fluids...
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  • Ian answered 5 years ago
    Take a home pee test for THC. If you fail that then start on a regiment of cranberry juice, purer the better. Drink plenty of tea's and pretty much anything else considered an antioxidant. Try not to exercise a day before the test as to not release any more THC that may be stored up somewhere. Also when you pee into the cup catch it mid-stream not at the beginning or at the end. Pee right before you leave the house. You're more likely to fail if you pee that dark orangey pee, mainly because it sat longer and collected more toxins and whatnot. You almost want it to be pure water coming out.


    Passed many tests this way.

    We all should have the right to smoke without persecution!
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  • skillz 1 answered 5 years ago
    yea im athletic also and this one time i almost got busted i drank alot of water two days later i was clear,. so as long as you drink water until your piss comes out clear, your good.
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