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WWEYA Showdown Is Back For Another Week. Who Will Win The Matches? Come In, Choose, And Rate! WQ Inside Too.?

Welcome back to WWEYA and Judgment Day is this sunday and there are still many more matches to be announced for the great PPV!

Event 1: The WWEYA Champion Shane Mcmahon walks to the ring and opens the show. He says that it is only a matter of time before Triple H gets the beating, but tonight he is focusing on Triple H's new ally, Jack Swagger. Shane announces that tonight he will be facing Jack Swagger due to the many threats by him towards Shane over the past few months. Shane laughs and walks away.

Event 2: JBL Vs. Petey Williams

(CM Punk Ringside)

After the match, CM Punk gets in the ring and holds up the IC Title to JBL's face. JBL is mad, and attacks CM Punk. After a few moments, the WWEYA Chairman appears on the Titantron and says that he has had enough. Therefore it is announced that at Judgment Day, CM Punk will defend his IC Title against JBL.

Event 3: Randy Orton is shown walking backstage. He says that tonight he will confront the man who turned on him last week, Edge! He gets mad and pushes the Cameraman aside.

- It is announced that tonight there will be The Cutting Edge, where Edge will host Randy Orton.

Event 4: Batista Vs. Umaga

Event 5: The Undertaker walks to the ring with his WWEYA World Heavyweight Championship. He says that At Judgment Day he will face the Worlds Largest Athlete, The Big Show. He says that he does not fear The Big Show, but The Big Show fears him. Before he continues talking, The Big Show walks to the ring. He tells the Undertaker that he is the greatest, and that he also fears nothing. He then starts to mock the Undertaker and says that he will have The same fate as Shawn Michaels. Then out of no where, Shawn Michaels comes out with a huge pop! This is his first appearance since Backlash. Shawn grabs the mic and says how much revenge he wants to get on The Big Show after their last fight. Shawn pleades to 'Taker to add him to the Title match as well, but The Undertaker refuses. Then once again The WWEYA Chairman appears on the Titantron. He tells Shawn that he needs to prove himself worthy of being in the title match. He says that at Judgment Day, he will face The Undertakers brother, Kane! He says that if he wins the match, he will face the World Champion at Extreme Rules. Then when the Chairman goes away, The Big Show attacks Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker! They are both laid out as he walks away.

Event 6: MVP Vs. Dolph Ziggler

Event 7: Kofi Kingston Vs. Shelton Benjamin

Event 8: The Current Hardcore Champion Chris Jericho is backstage. He congratulates Mr. Kennedy for beating Finlay last week in the #1 Contenders Match. He wishes Kennedy the best of luck in their No Holds Barred Match at Judgment Day.

Event 9: Brother Ray w/ Brother D-Von Vs. The Miz w/ John Morrison

Event 10: Kurt Angle Vs. Rob Van Dam

(Matt Hardy Ringside)

After the match, as Matt and Kurt walk away, Jeff Hardy and Sting run out and attack both of them again! They say that at Judgment Day They will give them both hell.

Event 11: Evan Bourne Vs. Mike Knox

Event 12: Triple H is backstage wishing Jack Swagger good luck in tonights match against Shane. Triple H was banned from ringside, so he cant be out there tonight.

Event 13: Shane Mcmahon Vs. Jack Swagger

(The Alliance Ringside- Vladimir Kozlov, Khali, Booker T, And Scott Steiner)

MAIN EVENT: The Cutting Edge! Special Guest: Randy Orton

Edges music hits and he walks to the ring. He grabs a mic and begins to talk about one of the greatest Tag teams in Pro Wrestling, Rated RKO. He says that they captured the WWEYA Tag Team titles almost 10 times during their careers, and they were by far the most talented and skilled in the world. Edge says that he soon realized that Randy Orton made the group just to get Edge out of any title picture. He says that Randy knew that Edge was a big threat in the Industry, so he did anything to avoid fighting him, even if that meant to assemble the greatest tag team. He says that Orton deserved the beatdown last week, and therefore he will not face Rob Van Dam for the Legends Title at Judgment Day. Edge then welcomes the man that he once called a friend, Randy Orton. Orton walks to the ring, and he looks like he is very mad. Orton grabs a mic and says that he should be facing RVD at Judgment Day, not Edge. Orton says that last week, Edge hit him with the Steel Chair because he was jealous of his success. Orton says that he assembled Rated RKO because he saw Edge when he first debuted on WWEYA and he knew that he had potential. Orton said that he knew that Edge would be the future of the business someday and because of that, he vowed to help him get there. Orton then says that if he knew what Edge was going to turn into back then, then he would have never helped him. Randy says that he made Edge what he is today, and as a thank you he gets attacked with a Steel Chair. Edge then says that he never needed Orton, and making Rated RKO was a big mistake. Edge promises tha


that he WILL win the Legends Title at Judgment Day, and when he does, he vows to take down Orton next! Edge then walks away wothout another word.

How was tonights show? Please choose who will win the matches and give a show a rating. Thanks!

WQ: Who will win at Judgment Day, Chris Jericho or Rey Mysterio?

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    Event 1) Wrestling fans can't wait for Triple H, to give Shane Mcmahon the beating of the life time, for everything Shane has put him though, with only days away, his fans are hoping that the raising new fan favorite Jack Swagger, will give us a Sneak peak, of what's in store for the arrogant Champion, hopefully someone will put a end to Shane terror reign,

    Event 2) Winner JBL still good match

    Event 3) Good promo, some wrestling fans was cheering to see Randy Orton after what Edge did to him, after hearing what's going to be the Main event, they can't wait to see Randy Orton & Edge face off, with everyone hoping Orton can get his hands on Edge, one thing is sure this is going to be Must See

    Event 4) Umaga started this match off strong, after he Samoan drop Batista for a 2 count, after he side kick his opponent, in his face Umaga wanted to go for Samoan Wrecking Ball, but Batista move out of the way just in time, then Spinebuster Umaga, he then wanted to hit Batista Bomb, Umaga block it, then try to hit Samoan spike, just as he missed Batista Spear him for the win 1-2-3

    Event 5) This promo was incredible, no one expected to see Shawn Michaels back so soon, once he did the building was roaring, as loud as they could, even though the Big Show , was being disrespectful again to the point he made everyone sick of his attitude, still everyone wanted to see Michaels get his Revenge, they will have to wait until the PPV to see what happens, after hearing the exciting announcement by WWEYA Chairman, everyone can't wait, to look forward to Judgement Day

    Event 6) MVP hit the Drive by kick on his opponent 1-2-3

    Event 7) Kingston started off hitting the Trouble in Paradise, on Shelton Benjamin, who roll out of the ring, from there Kingston threw him back in only to walk into Dragon whip, from his opponent, Shelton then threw him right into the announcer table, and wanted to power bomb him though the table, but Kingston had other plans, back dropping Shelton though the table, once again he threw him back into the ring Kingston was going for his finisher, but Shelton move out of the way, by rolling him up into roll up pin 1-2-3. winner Shelton Benjamin

    Event 8) Nice promo, which is only making wrestling fans, look more forward to this match, it will probably steal the show, with Jericho being lock to Kennedy, it looks like for now, both wrestlers has respect for each other, the only everyone is thinking, is how how will this peaceful act last during there Title match

    Event 9) Good match, The winner was The Miz

    Event 10) This was exciting 5 star wrestling match, both wrestlers kept exchange there trademark moves, against each other, once Kurt Angle poke RVD in his eyes, he want for Angle Slam, that's when RVD sense what was coming and roll out of it, then round house kick his opponent in his face. RVD then hit the Rolling Thunder, 1-2 kick out. RVD then body slam Angle to the mat, once he was climbing the ropes Matt Hardy started distracting him, out of no where Kurt Angle threw him off the ropes, then Lock in the Ankle Lock, winner Kurt Angle

    Event11) Evan Bourne hit his finisher Air Bourne on Knox 1-2-3 winner Even Bourne

    Event 12) Good promo, wrestling fans had no problem, seeing Triple H wishing his ally good luck in his match, since Swagger is going to need all the help he is going to get, facing Shane Mcmahon with his dangerous Alliance group of wrestlers, ever created yet, that could destory him at any second.

    Event 13) Jack Swagger had no problem, making sure Shane Mcmahon, felt as much pain as possible, trying to break one of his legs, with Shane screaming for help, that's when the Alliance ran into the ring, Swagger try to fight them off, but he was no match for the numbers , as each member took there turns beating down Swagger, until finally the Ref call for the bell. Shane was going for coast to coast, to end his opponent career, just then out of no where Triple H, runs out with his Sledgehammer, taking each Alliance member out one by one.. before he could get his hands on the person who he wanted, Shane Mcmahon was already heading towards backstage

    Winner by DQ Jack Swagger

    Main Event) Wow what a astonishing ending, at first wrestling fans couldn't stand Edge for turning on Orton, and was trying to boo him as loudly as they could, but nobody expected hearing Edge, say he is planing to destroy Randy Orton, no one knows what to think about this other then looking forward to the PPV.. guessing what i going to happen next between Edge & Randy Orton

    What a Fantastic wrestling show, which is leading towards the road to Judgement Day, with tonight's matches being better then before, and the incredible promos we have just witness, this PPV looks like it truly be special night to remember, will Shane Mcmahon finally pay for the crimes he committed

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    Event 2 JBL after a Clothesline From Hell

    Event 3 Great

    Event 4 Batista after a SPear

    Event 5 Great Promo

    Event 6 MVP after a Playmaker

    Event 7 Great Match which is won by Shelton Benjamin

    Event 9 The Miz gets DQ'd after Morrison gets involved

    EVent 10 Kurt after an Angle Slam

    Event 11 Evan puts on a Show, but losses to Knox's power after a Knox Out

    Event 13 This turns into a Mass Brawl leaving no winner

    Main Event This was great

    Good show 9 out of 10

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    For sure that's an excellent show with some amazing matches that have been really well-thought out ! Definitely worth a solid 9/10 !

    1~ Petey Williams with the Canadian Destroyer.

    2~ Batista with a Batista Bomb.

    3~ MVP with the Playmaker.

    4~ Kofi Kingtson with the Buzzsaw.

    5~ Brother Ray with the 3D.

    6~ RVD with the 5 Star Frogsplash.

    7~ Evan Bourne with the 450 Shooting Star.

    8~ Shane McMahon with the Leap of Faith.

    WQ ~ Hopefully Chris Jericho, as he's currently my favorite Superstar in the WWE.

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    *JBL Vs. Petey Williams- JBL

    *Batista Vs. Umaga- Umaga

    *MVP Vs. Dolph Ziggler- MVP

    *Kofi Kingston Vs. Shelton Benjamin- Shelton Benjamin

    *Brother Ray w/ Brother D-Von Vs. The Miz w/ John Morrison- Mizorrison

    *Kurt Angle Vs. Rob Van Dam- Kurt Angle

    *Evan Bourne Vs. Mike Knox- Evan Bourne

    *Shane McMahon Vs. Jack Swagger- Jack Swagger

    --Not bad.. I'd give it a 7/10..

    WQ: I think Rey Mysterio FTW, but I want Jericho to win..

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    Shelton Benjamin

    Brother Ray w/Brother Devon

    Kurt Angle

    Evan Bourne

    Shane McMahon

    10/10 Cutting Edge was awesome

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    Dolph ZigglerKofi Kingston

    The Miz

    Kurt Angle

    Jack Swagger

    Really good show come out and check mine out;_ylt=Aqj1s...

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    How can Edge HOST Randy Orton? lol

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