how do i make myself faint really fast?

i know this is bad and i dont want any lecture.... i know all the consequences. i just need to know how can i make myself faint really quick? you see, there is this guy i really like he has not really noticed me. we do talk some what. but i want him to actually notice me.... i want to faint in front of him or near him. so he would get closer to me. i feel that it would be a big help if he starts to care more... so please .... this is a one time thing. please help


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  • 1 decade ago
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    ummm idk hld ur breath

    or you could always pertend

    dnt eat anything and do exersice

    that will make u very tired and faint

    but i hpe u wnt do it its rong

    put ur nees backk and sing high key notes

    it will be a really short faint nd probably hrt if u fall on smthing hard

    or spin around u'll get dizzy nd eventually fall

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I'd say this is a very bad idea. Where are you getting this from? Like seriously, no one wants to like someone who is an attention hogger. Just try to get to know him! Anyways, go anorexic or bulimic.. either one

  • this isn't a very good idea to make him notice you, and it could cause pain. but if you REALLY want to, just lock ur knees back for about ten minutes and you should totally pass out... be careful PLEASE

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  • 1 decade ago

    are you ******* joking?

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