I really need help wth maps!!!!plz help me!!!!?

I have this huge geography project and i have no idea of what a relative map and an absolute map is. do they have lines,landforms, country borders, or surrounding countries?i need u to tell me all of this stuff plz!!!!

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    this might help:


    Relative Location of a city or destination on the planet is its relationship to another place or nearby landmarks.

    As an example, our U.S. office is on Galveston Island, located in southeastern Texas in the Gulf of Mexico, about 48 miles southeast of Houston. That's our relative location.

    Absolute Location is the definitive location of a place using a recognized coordinate system. In terms of latitude and longitude, our office in Galveston, Texas, is 29°16' North, 94°49' West, marked with the red dot on the map above

    To find the absolute location of any destination use the resources shown at left, for the relative location of any country, go HERE

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