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How do you get over a car crash? :(?

Exactly a year ago, I was involved in my first car crash - I was 23.

I was hit head on by someone driving about 40 or 50 mph while I was going about 10 mph. My car spun 360 degrees, was totaled (brand new 6 month old car). In the process, I was taken to ER as was my mum and dad. No life threatening injuries, but obviously very bruised and a lot of internal scars. With that, the emotional toll. It took us about 6 months to heal - however, even today, both me and my mum experience severe chest pains randomly. The sad thing is that my mum already has severe health issues, so I never wanted to find out who was at fault because of the guilt I would feel.

Since then, I've done everything to make sure this never happens again (including a defensive driving course to ease my stress). I'm not a rough driver, nor aggressive, nor a speeder.

I'm finding it hard to get over this incident, still very traumatized. When I drive, I'm scared to death and as a result, I barely drive now.

If anyone's been in this situation and has advice as to how to overcome all this, I'd appreciate it.

Thank you..x

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    One way to help overcome a fear of driving following a car crash is to ask for someone to accompany you for a short period of time until you regain your confidence.

    The first time behind the wheel can bring back memories and flashbacks of the events that took place on the day of the car crash.

    But try to look past that. The odds of it happening again are slim.

    Ask your friend or family member to observe you and point out anything that you are doing that you need to work on.

    To make this experience a more positive one, try to take the pressure off by just visiting the local shops close to home.

    Do not try to venture out too far or you may find it too overwhelming after the car crash.

    By starting off gradually, you are more likely to feel less pressured and more in control.

    It is possible to resume driving again after a car crash, even if that seems unlikely to you after what has happened.

    Rather than give in and lose an importance source of independence, try to think beyond what has happened to you and consider the many benefits of getting behind the wheel of a car again.

  • It will take some time to get over this and you may also seek counseling. I was a passenger in a severe wreck and was hospitalized for some severe injuries and and was in a drug induced coma for a week. My sister who was driving was terrified to get in any car even just to sit in it. I was afraid to drive for a while but my wife who is my best friend just kept reassuring me that everything would be ok and that I could do the same for my sister. after a while we both got over our fears and for me this had to happen because I look at wrecked vehicles everyday. Remember this will take time talk about this with your best friend or anyone that you trust. Good luck

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    My sister got into a wreck also..All u got to do is to try to over come it i've been in a almost life threating wreak going to work one day

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    you never really get over it ,you just put it on the back burner of your mind .

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