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How longs a flight from here to tenerife south?

either from dorset or london ?

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    It only takes around 3 3/4 to 4 hours from Gatwick.

    There are weekly flights from Bournemouth, Dorset to Tenerife with Palm Air (via Bath Travel), these take roughly the same time, although occasionally make stops in either northern Spain or Portugal, depending on the weather, which might add a little to the journey time.

    Source(s): Lived in Tenerife 16 years. Parents used the Bournemouth flight.
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    And Ryanair takes 4h 30min from London-Stansted.

    Any connection will of course add to the total journey with at least a couple of hours.

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    Monarch Airlines nonstop takes 4h15m - 4h30m depends whether you fly from Gatwick or Luton. Iberia from Heathrow with a transfer in Madrid - takes 6h10m alltogether

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