Need some help understanding clinical rotations and other stuff related to a medical career...?

What are clinical rotations?

And how to residency, internships, and fellowships work?


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    Clinical rotations are where you have to go and do the rotations such as in the emergency department, or in the medicine ward, neurology etc. This is where you are still in training that you do these stages.

    Internships is when you have chosen an area that you're interested in working in, and you have some more work experience in this field. This is the rotation that you have done, the last amount that you have to do just before you become a medical doctor. When you become a medical doctor, you then go onto doing your residency. This is where you have all the necessary skills and training to become a doctor, and you have to do this in order to become an attending. The fellowships are usually when you have become a full term doctor, and you're wanting to go into a particular area, and then wanting to get grants and stuff for a particular field of medicine that you're interested in.

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