What is worth of disney share from 1993?

I rec'd as 13th bday gift. I believe it's probably 1 share of disney and 1 for mcdonalds. Just curious and I know nothing about how stock etc work.

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    1 decade ago
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    The time doesn't make a difference unless there were stock splits.

    In DIS (The symbol for Disney) I see one three for 1 split since 1993. 1 share in 1993 would be worth 3 shares now at $23.50 each that is $70.50.

    1 share of MCD in 1993 is worth 4 shares now. At $53.40 each that is $213.60.

    You will need a brokerage account to sell them and a discount brokerage would charge you approximately $12 per company to sell them.

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