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Nude pictures of sister-in-law?

I recently found nude pictures of my brothers wife posted online. I believe that the pictures must have been stolen because they are both very conservative. Should I tell them about the pictures or not? The other problem I have is that I can't stop thinking about the pictures. I have masturbated to them on several occasions. Do you think that this is wrong that I find my sister-in-law so attractive?


Yeah, I know that I should stop, but I really can't seem to. Do you think that if I tell them it will make things weird between us?

Update 2:

You think that I should blackmail my sister-in-law?

Update 3:

My sister-in-law is a very attractive 21 year old with striking blue eyes. It's not like I'm related to her or anything. Hasn't anyone else found one of their siblingings wives or husbands attractive?

Update 4:

I never said anything about blackmail. That was one of the suggestions.

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    I think that you should tell your brother about the pictures. He has a right to know and should be given a chance to have them removed. I also think that you should stop thinking about your sister-in-law in such a way a remember that she is now a part of your family. It might be normal to have sexual feelings when you see a beautiful girl nude, but you need to remind your self who she is and that those kind of thoughts aren't acceptable.

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    Err... Even though this is probably a joke, I'll still answer just in case.

    Yes, you should tell them. They have a right to know if something private to them was put out on the internet.

    As long as she's not blood related, it's not wrong to find her attractive. But you should probably stop, since she is the wife of your brother and she probably wouldn't feel comfortable with you doing so.

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    It's not wrong that you found her attractive. It is wrong on what you did with those pics. Don't send them to other perverts. Tell your brother the truth and hope he is understanding. He will find out. Own up now while you still have a chance to keep your relationship with him. He may know they are there already. Just fess up and be a man.

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    blackmailing is so wrong and ur brother will beat ur @ss the min his wife tells him all about ur blackmailing, do think she will let u get away with such thing, hell no. ur brother will know everything when his wife tells him, married couples tell all to each other. u better start telling ur bro about these pics and let them be able to remove it from the sites they are on.. ur the most nastest bro-in-law going and no doubt when start blackmailin not only will ur @ss be beating but ur whole family will disown u!!!!

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    I would suggest letting them know in private, because chances are, if you came across them, someone else you know might too, and that would be even more embarassing. It's not your fault that you find her attractive, you're a human being. However, she IS your sister-in-law.

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    Definitely tell them about the pictures, not about the masturbation.

    And have you thought that maybe they're not as conservative as you believe? This could be their "wild side" coming so, so be tactful in your efforts to inform them of the pictures.

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    Dude... seriously.... BLACKMAIL!!!

    your silence should be worth some head at the very least!!

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    your disgusting, and yes you should tell them whats the matter with you

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