What part of the US Constitution allows Obama to cut the ad budget at Chrysler?

I'm quite familiar with the founding documents, and I see no article that allows the Federal government to take ownership in a private company, NEVERMIND fire General Motors' CEO and cut Chrysler's advertizing budget...do you? Where?


Folks, the part about regulating commerce is about making sure there is no tariff on goods sold from within one State and bought in another. It DOES NOT allow any branch of the Federal government to take ownership of corporations.

Further, I don't entrust my healthcare OR my retirement assets to some stupid corporation, nevermind the Federal government. When I was a kid, my Grandpa told me that if I accepted the help, I accepted the hand...and I listened. It is NOT the duty of government to PROVIDE for the general welfare, but to promote it.

In addition, if you ask questions in your answer, yet have your email blocked, I will block you, because you obviously don't wish to have a healthy debate, but stifle your opposition. I don't go for the jack-booted thuggerry of your ilk.

Update 2:

Boss H. just hit the nail rght on the head. He could not be more correct! That is exactly how the Fascist model takes power. In a time of crisis, if we fail to accept the responsibility ownership to allow failure no matter WHAT the consequences, and instead relinquish control to tyrants in exchange for the temporary APPEARANCE of security, we have given ownership of our nation to the tyrants!

Update 3:

Lisa A., the taxpayers do NOT own a good portion of Chrysler. On paper, the taxpayers own 8%. The UAW owns 39%, and Fiat owns the rest. Redistribution is taking on a whole new meaning to those of you who called us radicals for warning you!

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    Obama cares nothing about what is or is not in the Constitution - he's a transnational globalist. The word is that now he will be closing a Chrysler plant in Wisconsin and sending the jobs to Mexico. Also, his henchman, Geithner, is planning to limit executive salaries in non-TARP receiving banks, and slip it through as part of the stress-tests - no hearings or legislation involved.

    What we have here is an out-and-out power grab by a foreign-influenced quazi-dictatorship, and what irks me even more, is the fact that the majority of Americans are sitting by and watching their country be destroyed right in front of their eyes! I know there are people who will fight this, but the apathy of the rest of them is sickening! Then there's the complete morons who think all of this is a good idea!!!!

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    This usurper has no love for our founding document nor for the liberty and corporate freedom of this nation. He has set the course of the ship of state in a direction of destruction and fascism, much as Hitler's Germany.In his 100 day speech he stated that his second 100 days would only take 73 days. I believe this is his deadline to hand the nation over to his Muslim cousins and let them proclaim him the 'Sheik of the United States of Islam'.

    He claims to be a Constitutional scholar and professor and all he was is a junior lecturer. He knows the Constitution gives him no power to do any thing that he is doing and if the truth would happen to surface that he is not natural born, I wonder if the rest of those in government will abide by the rules or just let him slide? Sorry for the question.

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    Jimmy J, read the Tenth Amendment."The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people." If the Constitution doesn't say the federal government can do something, the federal government CAN'T do it legally.

    The only ways to end the out of control government we have today is to peacefully vote out every politician currently in office or simply overthrow the whole government and start over.

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    I believe it is up to the people to remind Obama and our Congress of their authority or lack of authority according to the Constitution. It has always been up to the people to keep a check on the government powers, but unfortunately most of the people in this country have been asleep for the better part of 5 or 6 decades, or longer. the people have forgotten to keep a close watchful eye on our government. Just recently has the people started opening their eyes and seeing just what the federal and some state governments have been up to,as well as noticing how corrupt the system is and have started bringing this abuse of power to the public forefront. It will always be up to the people to watch the government because the government will never police themselves.

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    Great question! Nothing ,he's usurping powers not granted.Stimulus1 &2 with more coming And Congress only has this power. How many budgets are there? We need not wait till 2010. Impeach, try & then Hang . If we can not get this Representative system to act before 2010,Vote every incumbent OUT! At the rate treason is being exposed I fear the vote will be no more.

    Source(s): Is not the blatant disregard of the oath of office TREASON
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    PATRIOT act, NDAA, allow the president to do ANYTHING. Congress, Supreme Court are just for show. It matters not if Caesar supports one team or another, Dem or Rep. The will of Caesar is law!

  • ron b
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    You are right completely! Let's be clear on this point.The president doesn't have the power,nor the right to do either act,only congress can make and make laws governing the American people.It is my belief that if these acts by the president are challenged in a court of law,he would lose as Truman lost when tried to force the steel companies to do his bidding on their production,We,like a bunch of "sheep"have not raised enough "hell"with out lawmakers over this,and these"misfits"will keep on breaking our laws until we do.Congress could have stopped this"crap"in the bud,but either were on-board with it,or too scared to open their mouths and protect our "Rule of Law",which is what we put them there for.Every American has a"dog in this fight"and had better wake up before we loose all our rights.Mark my words when I tell all of you that there is a "storm" just over the horizon about to sweep over our precious country,and when it comes a lot of good citizens will hurt in the process!History will show that we have the largest group of"misfits"in office running this country that America has ever had! Government no longer fears the voters,the ones who employ them.That is what is causing this"storm"God help us all,and bless your grandpa for his wisdom!

    Source(s): The Constitution,Bill of Rights,and common sense
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    You don't happen to have some duct tape I can wrap my head with do you? This stuff gets my blood pressure up big time. We've seen more insanity from this administration in 3 months than I've seen in my lifetime. There's nothing constitutional about this crap. Hell there's not even anything American about it. Unbelievable arrogance is what it is. These people have decided to make their own rules..the constitution be damned! We better turn this around in 2010 or it's game over for a Free America.

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    You express considerable knowledge of the Constitution and proceed to verify that by pointing out that there is no clause permitting Obama to do as he has done with GM as well as attempts to manipulate other business entities, but you apparently are lacking in the knowledge of the revised Constitution - the one that has a "D" after it. The revised addition is a wing it proposition based upon liberal principles. Did I say "liberal principles?" Sorry, I think that's what one might call and oxymoron. ...or ,,maybe just a moron.

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    Bret I tolally agree with you and most of the answers. My only hope is that the people in total would finally realize what is happening before their eyes. This might not happen since Obama keeps throwing out things to redirect their attention. Like today talking about credit card debt and how he will help. Hey like he really cares.

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    Right after the clause that says there is separation of church and state, abortion is right that shall never be question or regulated in any shape manner or form, and that you can't say anything against Obama because that makes you a racist.

    In fact none.

    Obama would be very poor Constitutional lawyer and wonder if he even read it.

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