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Is there a softcover first edition of "Sin City - The Big Fat Kill"?

A couple of years before the film came out, a friend of mine interested me in the Sin City comics/graphic novels, so much that I wound up buying a couple of the graphic novel collections off of him, and the rest from Borders, including:

- Sin City

- That Yellow Bastard

- Hell and Back

- Family Values

- Booze, Broads, and Bullets

- A Dame to Kill For

These were all collections of every comic in each respective series (that is, for example, every comic of "That Yellow Bastard" is bound into one graphic novel for "That Yellow Bastard", as are all the other ones).

The one that I seem to be missing, as far as the film (and the upcoming one) go(es), is "The Big Fat Kill". I've been searching eBay and on and off and cannot seem to find a copy of this one similar to the softcover collections I own. The closest that I can find are collections of the separate comic books (ie, auctions for comics 1-5 as a lot) or copies of the newer, post-film edition, which is printed on smaller copy.

Can anybody point me to a place, or an auction, anywhere, that I might be able to buy a pre-film-release softcover graphic novel for "The Big Fat Kill"?

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    Favorite Answer and often have books that are "out of print" - you could try them

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