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Joshua asked in Entertainment & MusicMovies · 1 decade ago

In the legend of the seeker when does richard use wizard fire?

which episode in the Tv show and which book?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    richard has not used wizzard's fire yet in the tv show. in fact, it has not been brought to our attention that richard is a wizzard yet in the show.

    it would make sense since most of the first season has involved the main story line of the first book, which richard is of yet unaware he is a war wizzard until the later books of the series.

    in the books, it is revealed in the second book, the stone of tears, that he is a war wizzard, and with the help of the prophet at the palace of the prophets (nathan), richard first uses wizzards fire as a means to demonstrate how his gift works.

    i'm on the 11th and final book of the series right now, and other then that moment where nathan is telling richard about him being a war wizzard and demonstrating the use of his gift with wizzard's fire, richard has never used it since. he's only used lightning laced with additive and subtractive magic a couple different times.

    as far as the tv show, i'm not really sure if they are going to take it in that direction. they've changed a lot of things in the story. i'm not sure if the second season is going to focus more on the second book of the story, or if they're just going to have random enemies and conflicts in each episode and leave richard as just the seeker aided by first wizzard zedd and the mother confessor kahlan.

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