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is 14 too late to start motocross?

well i am 14 and have a ttr 230 and want to start motocross is it too late or just take allot of hard work. would appreciate an answer. was thinking a 125 2 stroke or 250 4 stroke and whats best way of startin

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    Nope, 14 is not too late. Jeremy McGrath, the record holder for most number of wins in 250cc Supercross, started when he was 15.

    Since everyone races 4 strokes these days, you might as well start on a 250.

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    Hae, NO off course it ain't to late to start! Um get a 125- they Better for racing and 250 4 stroke better for trail ride Kinda thing. Also a 125 would be better to start on if you have a TTR atm.

    Whats the best why of starting? well just go to a motor cross near you- you don't need to be great to start or just ride around at home or on a mates farm. Hope i helped good luck.

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    since you already have a ttr230 buy the 250 4 stroke. as it would hard changing from a 4 stroke two a 2 stroke. defently the 250f no its not to late at all

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    of course no men, there are people that start at 30 and their are good at mx, your too young so go ahead men , you will be jumping in less than one year bro:D

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    No its not i know plently of people that do

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    DO IT!

    Good luck!

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