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    The compulsory education is near to just appear in twoth century

    The only wealthy family just had capability to invite a family training for the kid before self-educated at home

    But afterwards because on the learning or the inconvenient student of behavior is just self-educated at home, so is self-educated to become an and the behavior of the humiliation painting first-class number

    As for self-educated law according to dissimilarity in the nation change very greatly

    The nation of 1/3 forbids self-educated

    Is other over the law of house doesn't stipulate of very clear

    Many nations see self-educated is basic right

    At present many parents because dissatisfied class size and the campus violence increasing day by day still has teachers and the students than(a teacher is responsible for 30~40 students) and shoulder responsibility to the kid's education

    and the environment of sense of security can learn better, and the kid can select they when learn and want to learn what, and the parents can supervise and control the kid's learning condition at any time.

    Is contrary, the self-educated opposite thinks that the self-educated kid lacks of social intercourse technique because of lacking of the chance for interacting with peers, the parents don't once be subjected to the teaching of whole subjectses to train but think as well self-educated out of character

    No matter supporting or opposing is self-educated, now because support of many support groups and labor union, self-educated have already become an of the trend in growth

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