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梅ㄚ asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

急急急~話劇的內容,請幫我翻成英文 !!

我們英文課 各組都要演一場小話劇


請大家幫我 翻成英文

口白 :這場話劇的男女主角分別是 莉莉 和 捷克 ,訴說兩人因為發生車禍 到住院而發生的愛情故事

莉莉 : 今天我終於拿到駕照了,所以.....恩.............我決定租一輛車去兜風~

口白 : 於是莉莉到了 租車中心 去租車

莉莉 : 抱歉 ,我想租一輛車

服務人員 : 請問你想租什麼車子

莉莉 : 敞篷車

服務人員 :好的 ,這是你的車鑰匙 ,還有你必須在15號前,把車子開回來這裡!!

莉莉 : 沒問題

口白 : 於是莉莉就開著租來的車子兜風去了......突然間 ,莉莉把油門當煞車踩!!

莉莉 : 啊~

口白 : 她就這樣撞上了前方的一輛車 ,並當心的下車察看

捷克 : 喔~不!!我的腳 ... 我的腳好像斷了!!

莉莉 : 我的天阿~救護車..救護車

口白 : 在醫院 , 莉莉傷心的看著捷克 裹著石膏的腳說 :

莉莉 : 我感到非常的抱歉~

捷克 : 我剛剛以為我會死

莉莉 :對不起 對不起 ...........

口白 : 這時醫生與護士走了進來

捷克 : 醫生我的腳怎麼了???是不是不能正常行走了??

醫生 : 你的腳並不大礙 , 只要住個3.4天就行了

護士 : 出院後 , 請 別吃 大豆 .花生 . 堅果類食品

捷克 : 天阿~我怎麼知道哪些不能吃阿

莉莉 : 包在我身上 , 我會注意你的飲食 , 畢竟是我讓你發生這種事情

捷克 : 真的嗎??我很樂意接受

莉莉 : 我是莉莉

捷克 : 你好~我是捷克

口白 : 在莉莉的細心照顧下 ,捷克的腳很快的就復原了 , 由於長時間的相處 , 莉莉跟捷克互相產生愛情 , 然後他們就過著幸福美滿的日子了!!

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    Words: This modern drama's male and female lead respectively is Lily and Czechoslovakia, related two people because of have the traffic accident the love story which occurs to in hospital Lily: Today I attained the driving license finally, therefore .....Graciousness .............I decided that rents a vehicle to catch the wind ~ Words: Therefore Lily to has rented a car the center to rent a car Lily: The regret, I want to rent a vehicle Service personnels: Ask that you want to rent any vehicle Lily: Convertible Service personnels: Good, this is your vehicle key, but also has you to before 15, opens here the vehicle!! Lily: Does not have the question Words: Therefore Lily drove the vehicle which rented to catch the wind ......Suddenly, Lily accelerator, when brakes steps on!! Lily: ~ Words: She has run upon a front vehicle like this, and is careful gets out the examination Czechoslovakia: Oh ~ not!! My foot… my foot broke probably!! Lily: My day Arab League ~ ambulance. Ambulance Words: In the hospital, Lily sad looks that Czechoslovakia bound the gypsum foot saying: Lily: I feel unusual regret ~ Czechoslovakia: I just thought that I will die Lily: Sorry ........... Words: By now doctor and nurse walked Czechoslovakia: Doctor my foot how??? Could not walk normally?? Doctor: Your foot obstructs not greatly, so long as lived in 3.4 day to be good Nurse: After the being out of hospital, please do not eat the soybean. Peanut. Nut fruits food Czechoslovakia: How day Arab League ~ did I know that which can't eat Arab League Lily: Wraps on my body, I will pay attention to your diet, will be after all I lets you have this kind of matter Czechoslovakia: Really?? I am glad to accept very much Lily: I am Lily Czechoslovakia: Your good ~ I am Czechoslovakia Words: Under Lily's careful attendance, Czechoslovakia's foot very quick has recovered, because long time's being together, Lily has love mutually with Czechoslovakia, then they happy content day!!


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