How to inform family nicely?

Lately my family has been asking us about names. "Have you picked a name out?" Or "What about this name ____?" I'm getting very annoyed by them. We (My husband and I) don't want to tell anyone what we're naming our baby til he's born. The main reason we don't want to tell anyone because everyone is optional about names. And what's driving the most nuts is my aunt who is throwing my shower is pressuring me to tell her. She wants me to tell her so she can plan to play some cute game (which would involve the name of our son) at the shower. Personally I think it sounds selfish.


I do like the nick name idea. I've been calling him bub.

Update 2:

I guess I didn't proof read my info, sorry.

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    Give the baby a nick name while in the womb.

    The people I nanny for have two children and their names while in the womb were Sprout and Spud.

    I thought it was really cute. With both pregnancy's they had names for a girl and boy picked but no one knew until the baby arrived.

    *Rocco was born yesterday!

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    I wouldn't say it's selfish, but it is unkind of her to pressure you. Just tell the family that you want to surprise them all with the name after the birth of the baby.

    People can be pretty pushy/opinionated about names, so I completely understand the not wanting to tell people until after the baby is born. My husband and I got a *ton* of commentary on the names we chose when people first asked, but since then they've pretty much been quiet about it (realized they can't change our mind? I don't know).

    Edit: and with the aunt, maybe suggest an alternative game?

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    Just be honest and blunt and say,

    "Thanks so much for your interest, but we decided together that we're not going to tell anyone the baby's name until he's born." And leave it at that.

    If she's still pushy, just say "Ya know, people sometimes can be really opinionated and we want to make sure we pick a name that WE want, without the influence and pressure of others."

    And if she STILL pushes- then I wouldn't feel bad at all about being VERY blunt and tell her to back off!

  • 1 decade ago're right. If you want that to be a lil surprise you both can convey the same to your Aunt or other people gently or you may display a board with some decoration on it saying something funny as well as meaningful expression of your feelings like--Just wait for XX days to know me or let mama call me first time in my life etc..etc..

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    just tell them that you and your husband would like to keep the name to yourselves for personal reasons. if they cant respect that then your family is being just downright rude!

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