The Harry Potter Books or Twilight Books?

I am a loyal Harry Potter fan. I was eleven when the first one came out and nine-teen for the final one. I think the series was so awesome!

I have been tired of hearing about how good Twilight is. I have never read it becuase being a guy, I think it would be kind of weird.

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    I have a whole list of why HP is better than Twilight:

    Harry potter has sold over 400 million copies, 24 million on its' release date. Twilight didn't even sell half of that.

    Twilight has several million plot holes. the book itself is a huge hole

    twilight appeals to more females than it does to males. harry potter appeals to BOTH males and females and even a music crazy, a theme park and merchandise has been set up

    Edward Cullen has no protein, because his body doesn’t need it. Protein is a component of DNA, which is also found in sperm. Edward has no sperm, so how the **** did he conceive Renessme? Sperm are living cells that need to be reproduced, and if you’ve been dead for a hundred years, I do believe that your sperm would be long dead. It is also physically impossible for a baby to be produced in a few short months. Bella’s body should have rejected the fetus.

    Imprinting is when you find your best genetic match, right? So Jacob’s best genetic match is a mortal-vampire hybrid. Now that is droll. Oh and 23 chromosomes and 24 chromosomes does not produce a viable kid. Nessie should have down syndrome or should be dead. GAH!!

    Another fault – Alice saw the Volturi invasion right, even though werewolves were involved? What happened to her not being able to see things when wolves were there?

    Oh and why the **** does Jasper go to school when he can’t be around people? I mean, they could have hid him well enough. They don’t even have to go to school!!!

    Also, Edward’s really scared about getting venom in Bella’s mouth when he kisses her. And if she didn’t get preggers off his sperm, she got pregnant off his venom??? WHAT? I think her moot would have been deformed, if getting venom in her mouth would have transformed her into a


    And my favourite one - Carlisle was hiding in the London sewers in the 1700’s … London didn’t have sewers in the 1700’s lol.

    Harry Potter has way stronger and better structured characters... Twilight has characters with NO personality like moronic wh*res like Bella and Edward who has less of a personality than my goldfish?

    Harry Potter is both appealing for adults and kids, whereas Twilight is more appealing to 12 year old girls

    Eurgh! Harry potter just pwns Twilight all over

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    Harry Potter rocks!

    Twilight isn't good. It's the love story of a few freaks. I've read it: waste of time! Seriously there isn't anything good about it. There's no comparison with Harry Potter. As for the movie, Twilight, I saw it, and I really didn't like it either. I'm not going to put it down too much, because I personally know Catherine Hardwick's (the director) sister. I think that considering with what she had to work with, Twilight came out better than i thought it would. The critics said it wasn't very well made (we could see the wires and all that). Anyway, Harry Potter is way better than Twilight. There isn't anything interesting about twilight, the plots aren't good, the characters aren't interesting, and it's boring, there's no point in reading it, because you don't learn any lessons, it's not interesting, it's not educational,... Which is exactly the oppisite of Harry Potter.

    When you read Harry Potter, you can tell the author, JK Rowling, put a lot of time and thought into the books, for example almost all the spells are latin, and JKR showed the readers a few good lessons. The characters go through real life situations, the easy and the hard. Anyway, you can just tell that Harry Potter is much better, it's well written, very well researched, and the books weren't written by a moron, who had no idea what she was doing.

  • I definitely at all odds prefer harry potter.

    I did read the twilight series and I liked it at first, but then I realized how hokey and repetitive and stupid the characters and the plot line is. No offense to twilight fans. Also, I didn't like how in twilight bella and edward didn't grow in character at all, and never had to sacrifice anything. I agree, even though I'm a girl, I don't think a guy would get the same thing out of reading Twilight than Harry Potter.

    I am through and through a life-time Harry Potter supporter; I think J.K. Rowling has a voice that will live on forever and she wrote a story that I'll never forget. Harry Potter is not a phase, it's a story that people will always love and appreciate for the way its characters grow and change and become more mature, and the things that they have to sacrifice as well as the things they gain.

    Go Harry!

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    Harry Potter

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    Harry Potter is so amazing. Twilight is polluting the minds of preteens. Suicide isn't romantic. Stalking isn't romantic either, it is just creepy. Harry Potter is written on a much higher level. It is horrible how popular Twilight has become. The Harry Potter series was awesome! I will give you my completely logical theory. Harry Potter > Voldemort > Cedric Diggory = Edward Cullen I shall now use my amazing mathematical skills to simplify this equation. Harry Potter > Edward Cullen. It is just that simple!

    P.S. Michelle F, why would you say not to compare books when that is the whole purpose of the question? You also said not to read/watch things we don't like. How do we know if we like it if we haven't read/watched it? Think about that.

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    Well I'm a 13 year old girl and personally I hate Twilight while Harry Potter was pure genius. I'm probably the only girl in my school though but seriously, Twilight was all the same stuff:

    BOOK 1:

    Edward : I love you but I wanna kill you

    Bella : But I love you

    BOOK 2:

    Edward : I'm leaving you

    Bella : NOO!! I love you!

    Jacob : How about me!?!

    Bella : You'll have to do for now.

    BOOK 3 :

    Edward : I think I love you

    Bella : Well, I still Love you!!

    Jacob : But how about me!!

    Bella : Shutup!!

    BOOK 4:

    Bella : Come Back Jacob! I need to hurt you!!

    Jacob: No....Yes...FINE! YES.

    Bella : I want a baby!

    Edward : Mkay!!

    Edward and Bella : I love you!!

    Jacob: And I'm in love with your hybrid Daughter!!

    Seriously, very bad series. It just a love story that appeals to mostly girls my age because It puts you in Bella's Perspective and "Edward's SO hot!" While Harry Potter has no Romance which is why girls my age says "Harry Potter Stinks!!!!! EEWWW!!!" Just about everything that happens I guessed at some point before it happened.

    Harry Potter on the other hand has so many twists and turns and I haven't ever read a story like it.

    Harry Potter wins hands down.

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    SO here's the deal I read both the Harry Potter and Twilight books. I think there both equal and amazing. Its hard to pick between them. I like them for different reasons. I mean Twilight's got all the romance and Harry Potter has all the magic. So why make people choose over what they think is better.

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    1 decade ago

    Twilight vs Harry Potter?


    I'm not even going to get into this. If you want to know why I prefer Harry and think that Twilight is HIGHLY flawed, check out some of my other answers to questions similar to this one.

    I'm really starting to get sick of the Potter vs. Twilight questions.

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    I like both but I HAVE always and STILL am a huge Harry Potter fan . I'am obsessed with twilight also,but I just love Harry Potter better.

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    Harry Potter! Love the movies too!

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    Harry Potter all the way! And Harry Dresden is a pretty good book series, but I'd rather read about Harry any day.

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