what is aircraft grade aluminum?

what is aircraft grade aluminum?

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    Aluminum is never used in it's pure form. It is always used as an alloy - in combination with other metals and substances. The phrase "aircraft grade aluminum" is a bit misleading because there are a large number of different grades of aluminum used on aircraft - some of them aren't very special at all, but some of the grades are highly specialized, down to the micro-structure of the metal. Different grades of aluminum contain different quantities of other substances & may have been forged or wrought in different types of processes. Typically high performance military aircraft will utilize very grade materials.

    The common characteristics of "high grade" aluminum alloys are it's ability to withstand heat and fracturing & they are also extremely light.

    When people advertise products like keys made from "aircraft grade aluminum" it makes me laugh - because it's most likely to be the same grade aluminum they use to make tray stands, certainly not the same grade they use for structural components!

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    Aircraft Aluminum

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    Military Grade Aluminum

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    what is aircraft grade aluminum?

    what is aircraft grade aluminum?

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    Aircraft grade Aluminum is made to be very durable and strong, also Aluminum does not rust.

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    True aircraft grade aluminum is individually graded based on not composition but on an inspection to make sure there are no irregularities that would cause an unexpected early failure.

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    There is not an "official" definition, but some specifications are generally recognized as appropriate for Aerospace and some for commercial/industrial. For instance, Federal specification QQ-A-250/11 for 6061-T6 alloy aluminum plate/sheet was recently cancelled, and steered users to specification AMS4027 published by SAE (Society for Automotive Engineers) for aerospace applications, and to American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) specification B209 for non-aerospace applications. They are very similar, but the AMS specification has higher quality and inspection requirements.

    I also laugh when I see a product advertised as "aircraft grade" because it is probably just a sales gimmick.

    By the way, aluminum is quite often used as a pure metal. Aluminum alloy 1100 is essentially pure aluminum, and has many uses when higher strength is not needed. 6061-T6 is a medium strength alloy, about 3 times stronger than pure aluminum (Fty=35ksi). This is just about equal to the Fty=36ksi strength of ASTM A36 structural steel used for I-beams in buildings. 2024-T3 and 7050-T7 are two very high strength alloys about twice as strong as 6061-T6.

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    I think pure aluminum will have more weight than a credit card for same size. It can be aluminum which alloyed by some lighter impurities metals. Total density of the alloy has lighter weihgt than plastic but has more strength.

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    Aluminum from okorder

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    A sales gimimck!

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