Name anime characters with food obsessions! =D?

Don't you just love those anime characters that are in love with or are obsessed with food? Any type at all for the matter :)

So, name as many characters are u can that are obsessed with food or at least one type of food ^___^


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    - Ryuk from Death Note, Addiction: Apples.

    - C.C from Code Geass, Addiction: Pizza.

    - Mizuho Kazami from Onegai Teacher - Addiction: Pocky.

    - Naruto Uzumaki from Naruto - Addiction: Ramen.

    - Karasuma Ooji from School Rumble - Addiction: Curry.

    - Shana from Shakugan no Shana - Addiction: Melon Pan.

    - Mello from Death Note - Addiction: Chocolate.

    - L from Death Note - Addiction: Sweets.

    - Kuroyanagi Ryo from Yakitate!! Japan - Addiction: Bread

    - Monkey D. Luffy from One piece - Addiction: Meat.

    - Franky from One piece - Addiction: Cola. (actually this ones a drink... does it still count? >///<; o well.)

    - Honey from Ouran High School Host Club - Addiction: Cake.

    - Goku from Dragonball - Addiction: Anything! (lmao ;D)

    - Choji from Naruto - Addiction: Potato chips.

    - Kaito from Vocaloid - Addiction: Icecream.

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    1 decade ago

    Allen Walker


    L Lawliet

    Gintoki Sakata

    Monkey D. Luffy




    Son Goku


    Portugas D. Ace



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    L : (DN) He never stops eating sugar.

    Mello: (DN) Chocolate always in hand. And he likes to bite it dramatically.

    Honey (Ouran High School Host Club): Cake

    I love characters like that too, they are usually funny/cute. That is all I can think of for the moment, but in so many animes characters might just comment on how somebody is always eating etc

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    Mamori from Eyeshield 21 had an obsession with pastries she tried to hide. Monta from the same series was crazy about bananas, and he was frequently frustrated by people accusing him of monkey-like appearance and behavior.

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    Karuta Roromiya from Inu x Boku SS

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    Fuu (Samurai Champloo), stuffing herself whenever possible

    Honey (Ouran High School Host Club), always eating cake/sweets

    CC (Code Geass), obsessed w/ pizza

    L (Death Note), sweet tooth

    Yoruichi (Bleach), ate dozens of rice bowls on more than one occasion

    Allen Walker (DGM), like everyone said

    Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist), to a certain extent

    Melissa Mao (Full Metal Panic), keen on crab... and beer

    Naruto (Naruto), ramen

    Chouji (Naruto), pigs out on everything

    Saya (Blood +), has to eat more than a normal human

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    d gray man allen walker- odango and any food except alcohol

    dragon ball z: goku, gohan, gotanks, vegeta : rice, noodle, pork chops and pretty much all foods

    sailor moon: usagi: loves food

    futari wa pretty cure : Nagisa Misumi - chocolate

    pretty cure 5: milk and nozomi: odango and chocolate and probably much more

    alive the final evolution : okada kuruma: was seen drinking soda and probably likes all food, overweight in more of story

    naruto: ramen

    kenichi: Yūma Chiaki : obsessed with eating food so he can do combat sumoo

    Source(s): wikipedia
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    Naruto, Ramen

    Goku, Anything

    L, Sweets

    Honey Senpai, Cake/Sweets

    C.C., Pizza

    Son Goku (Saiyuki) Also anything

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    Allan Walker from D.gray-man isn't really obssessed but he eats more in one meal than a pack of elephants do in a month!

    A star for you!

    Oh yeah, and L sure likes his sweets, and Mello likes his chocolate

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    Goku (Dragonball) - obssessed with any food

    Naruto (Naruto) - obssessed with ramen

    Kirito (Sword Art Online) - obssessed with Asuna's sandwiches

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    Allen Walker - eats a lot

    Ichigo Kurosaki - likes chocolate, but isn't shown

    L Lawliet - loves sweets

    Gintoki Sakata - loves sweets

    Monkey D. Luffy - loves meat

    Yukito - eats huge meals

    Inuyasha - likes ramen

    Yuzuriha - loves pocky

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