Is the nationality Spanish from Spain considered Hispanic/Latino, European, or both?

I have had debates on this and i get either one, so this does not help me at ALL. I would like to know because i am part Spanish.

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    All of those. Latino doesn't have to do with Americas. It refers to the countries, and people of them that speak a language that derives from Latin. Like Hispanic, the U.S took the word to describe the people who spoke such languages in the Americas. The only difference is that it includes more than just the languages(and descendants) that are located on the Iberian peninsula, called by those who spoke latin Hispania, (Spanish,Portuguese), it includes the many descendants in South and Central America of Italians,French, and others who spoke Romance languages, all of which derived from Latin. So yes the Spanish are considered European, and yes they are considered Hispanic, and yes by those who are educated they are considered Latino, and if you want even more information most of the Spanish are Caucasian or White with some semitic influences, though Semites are Caucasian as well. Btw neither Hispanic, or Latino is a race classification. There are black, native, white, asian, and mixes between them who fall under this classification. Hispanic and Latino describe ethnic groups, and language groups that I have previously mentioned.

    So here is how you would classify the spanish and people of Spanish decent.

    Race: Caucasian/White(this includes those who aren't or very little mixed with Native or African)

    Ethnicity: Hispanic/Latino

    Nationality: Spanish, those who have one or more grandparent/parent of whom were a citizen of Spain, but these descendants weren't born in Spain have the opportunity to get a citizenship much quicker if they chose to, as of now though their Nationality isn't Spanish, but of the country they were born, or a few other countries they might have claimed citizenship for in their life.

    Edit: Some people are confused. Latino doesn't derive from Latin America, Latin America derives from Latino. Latino describes those who speak romance languages, or descend from those who speak romance languages.

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    5 years ago

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    Is the nationality Spanish from Spain considered Hispanic/Latino, European, or both?

    I have had debates on this and i get either one, so this does not help me at ALL. I would like to know because i am part Spanish.

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    6 years ago

    Why are there some many people that are not Hispanic or Latino feel so strongly about sharing their falty concept or race and ethnicity. Hispanic is the culture of Iberia, Latin is a link to the language and customs originating in Latinum. There is a Latin America and Latin Europe. Latinos can be from the Americas and they can be from Europe. The French coined the concept of Latin America. There are Mestizos, Mulatos, Whites, Asians and mix people in Latin America. Spain, Italy, France is in Europe. They are Europeam. Europe has had immigration from other regions and there are even blacks in Germany. Some people may not like it but that is how complex real life is. You can try to say who is real spanish and latino and all that but it changes nothing. Be an individual and live on.

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  • 5 years ago

    no Hispanic means celticiberian and is a term the Romans used for both the Portuguese and the Spanish.

    The Spanish are not Hispanic because of affirmative action. Hispanic is no longer used for just the celticiberians, it is used for people of Spain's ex colonies for purposes of affirmative action.

    The Hispanics can get affirmative action, but not the Spanish. Legally, Hispanic and Spanish are treated differently by the law in this country. This is a fact. I am a lawyer who has researched the issue. It is now defamatory to call a Spanish person Hispanic.

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    Nationality Of Spain

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    1 decade ago

    Spanish is a nationality. European racial-wise.

    Hispanic- Latina/o of Spanish descent.

    Latino- Latin descent.

    Portugal, Spain, France, Italy are Latin European countries.

    Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, etc. are Latin American countries.

    Hispanic/Latino is not a race. It's a nationality.

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  • 1 decade ago

    First of all, the nationality of people from Spain is Spanish and, as a consequence, European.

    "Hispanic" means you speak Spanish, regardless of race. That's why you see those documents that have lists like this:

    What is your race?

    -American Indian or Alaska Native (Not Hispanic or Latino)

    -Asian (Not Hispanic or Latino)

    -Black or African American (Not Hispanic or Latino)

    -Hispanic or Latino

    -Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander (Not Hispanic or Latino)

    -White (Not Hispanic or Latino)

    -Two or More Races (Not Hispanic or Latino)

    --- and yes, this was a real question on a legal document and you were only allowed to check one.

    Basically if you spoke Spanish, or if you were from Latin America or a Latin-American mix with anything else, you would only have one choice: "Hispanic or Latino".

    For this example, if you were a Spaniard (pure) and did not know Spanish (ie you immigrated young and parents spoke only English to you), the correct choice would technically be "White (Not Hispanic or Latino)" since you are not Latino and don't speak Spanish. You would choose "Two or More Races (Not Hispanic or Latino)" if you were a non-Spanish-speaking Spaniard such as this and mixed with non-Latino blood.

    BTW "Hispanic" is from the Latin word meaning "Spain" and IS NOT a Spanish word. Is this why some Latinos do not like using the term "Hispanic". Others blame Ronald Reagan.

    Source(s): Personal Experience Legal documents in the U.S.
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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Spaniards are Latin, we are Latineuropean.

    To be a latin person doesn't mean to be black, indian or another, because to be latin is a CULTURAL IDENTITY, not a race.

    Besides, Hispanic is the adjetive for Hispania, and Hispania was the ancient roman name for the Iberian Peninsula, where Spain and Portugal is located, in the south of Europe.

    So, you can be black, white, indio, mestizo, criollo or whatever and be latino.

    And in Spain we are mediterranean whites, quite different from germanic whites.

    Sources: I'm from Spain, so I´m Spaniard, Spanish, Hispanic and Latino.

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  • 4 years ago

    Both, a Latino is a person who speaks any Romance language, and Spanish is one. Hispanic is aperosn who speaks Spanish, and Caucasian, cause many of them are white (even though some of them have Gypsy or Arab blood in Andalusia)

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  • Gladys
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    4 years ago

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    Both, Spanish people are caucasian, and they are Hispanic because we speak spanish, but we are not Latino.

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