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Dome House vs Regular House?

Advantages and Disadvantages?

just curious..

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    1 decade ago
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    Advantages -

    Like all domes, geodesic domes provide an enclosed space free of structural supports. The basic structure can be erected very quickly from lightweight pieces by a small crew. Domes as large as 50 meters have been constructed in the wilderness from rough materials without a crane. The dome is also aerodynamic, so it withstands considerable wind loads, such as those created by hurricanes. Solar heating is possible by placing an arc of windows across the dome: the more heating needed, the wider the arc should be, to encompass more of the year.

    Drawbacks -

    The shape of a dome house makes it difficult to conform to code requirements for placement of sewer vents and chimneys. Off-the-shelf building materials (e.g., plywood, strand board) normally come in rectangular shapes and so much material may have to be scrapped after cutting rectangles down to triangles, thus increasing the cost of construction. Fire escapes are problematic; codes require them for larger structures, and they are expensive. Windows conforming to code can cost anywhere from 5 to 15 times as much as windows in conventional houses. Professional electrical wiring costs more because of increased labor time. Even owner-wired situations are costly, because more of certain materials are required for dome construction.

    Air stratification and moisture distribution within a dome are unusual, and these conditions tend to quickly degrade wooden framing or interior paneling. Privacy is difficult to guarantee because a dome is difficult to partition satisfactorily. Sounds, smells, and even reflected light tend to be conveyed through the entire structure.

    As with any curved shape, the dome produces wall areas that can be difficult to use and leaves some peripheral floor area with restricted use due to lack of headroom. This can leave a volume that may require heating – representing a cost in energy – but that cannot be lived in. Circular plan shapes lack the simple modularity provided by rectangles. Furnishers and fitters usually design with flat surfaces in mind, and so placing a standard sofa (for example) results in a half-moon behind the sofa being wasted. This is best overcome by purpose-built fittings, though it adds to cost.

    Dome builders using cut-board sheathing materials find it hard to seal domes against rain, because of their many seams. Also, these seams may be stressed because ordinary solar heat flexes the entire structure each day as the sun moves across the sky.

    Source(s): Gen Contractor
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    5 years ago

    are u sure u were in liverpool?! i agree with most of the above answers. did u make this up or what?! it wouldn't have been awarded capital of culture if all this was true. i have lived in liverpool all my life, and have never known anyone that has had children younger than 18 years old, i've never had my car stolen, nor have any of my friends or family. average income, well my first job at 18 years old was £200 per week, and where I am in liverpool, there are no Aldi or Nettos. We have Tesco, Waitrose and M&S as our local supermarkets. Dont be so ridiculous!!

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    regular house wins

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