Would you pretty please help me? Resume included.?

I was laid off in March and since then I have sent out literally hundreds of resumes and completed hundreds of applications yet so far I haven't even had so much as an interview. I'm getting scared as the money is running out and I have no job in sight. Its like I'm being rejected out of hand. I live in a large city (Cincinnati) and I can't understand why I can't find a job in such a big place. Could it be a problem with my resume? Please review and tell me if there's a problem.


To work to the height of my potential in order to better

serve my employer. By using the skills I have acquired

through my college education and past job

experience I will be an added asset to my employer.


Included in this resume are details about my professional

and educational experience. If you require any more

information, or have any questions at all, please feel free

to contact me at the number listed above. Thank you for your time.


Finlay Jewelry, Cincinnati, Ohio

Operations Clerical, 2008-2009

Balancing of daily transactions

Inventoring merchandise worth a total value of U.S.$2,000,000.

Responsible for all operations aspect of store

Supervises staff of 8 sales associates, resolves customer

service issues and makes management decisions in absence of store manager.

Trak Staffing Solutions, Cincinnati, Ohio

Clerical Assistant, 2008

Working beneath Records Manager in Standard Textile’s legal department.

Inventoring contents and nature of unlabeled boxes of

company hard copy files; organizing data in Excel;

reboxing, relabeling and properly ordering of hard copy boxes.

Various clerical and office duties as needed.

Kelly Services, North Canton, Ohio

Customer Service/Collections, 2007

1 Customer service and rentention for GE Moneybank lines of credit

2 Collections on past due accounts

Ryan Alternative Staffing, North Canton, Ohio

Customer Service Representative, 2006-2007

1 Technical support and troubleshooting

for Overhead Door's product line in in-bound call center.

2 Sales of clients' product accessories.

3 Maintaining customer brand loyalty through prompt and responsive customer service.

McDonalds, Navarre, Ohio

Midnight Shift Supervisor, 2004-2006

Customer Service

Equipment Care and Maintenance

Cash Handling

Flexibility in Availability and in performing multiple roles

Demonstrated high efficiency: Franchise was considering

suspending 24 hour service at that location, shift was

maintained after transfer; profit became at least $7,000 a month.


Shearers Foods Inc, Brewster, Ohio

Packer, Maintenance, 2003-2004

Product Packaging

Product quality selection

Store maintenance, equipment care

Hardees, Navarre, Ohio

Senior Crew, 2000-2003

Customer Service

Training Junior Crew


University of Cincinnati Raymond Walters College, Blue Ash, Ohio

B.S. Radiation Sciences, 2010

Cuyahoga Community College, Corporate College, Warrensville Heights, Ohio

Certificate. Insurance: Life, Accident, Health and Variables, 2006

Stark State College of Technology, North Canton, Ohio

Business Administration and Marketing, 2003-2004

Fairless High School, Navarre, Ohio

High School Diploma, 2002

Other Experience

Stark Raving Mad, Kent Stark, North Canton, Ohio 2002-2004

Improvisation comedy group, thinking quickly on one’s feet in front of an audience



Boy Scouts of America

Eagle Scout Award, 2000

Thespian Society

Thespian Award, 2001


Available Upon Request


I want to continue working in adminstrative/clerical/customer service roles.

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    I see a few areas. First, fix your grammar. Under education you do not have a BS in 2010, you are currently a college student. Your career objective is not clear. What is the position you are seeking? You need to tie your accomplishments to your career objective. My guess, you also need a detailed cover letter. If you post back on here what you want to do - i'll try and help you so more. It is 9:30 now, I can only give another hour or so.


    my remarks contain multiple spelling errors - i'm typing on my laptop while sitting in my chair. Plus you need to run all of your stuff through spell and grammar check

    Objective. I'm an aggessive young man seeking an entry level management position within the customer service divison of your company.

    Forget your summary, it belongs in the cover letter. A good cover letter and a reasonable resume is what would get you an interview with me.

    Lets look at your most recent job. Dates you worked there and your job title. Red flags to hr managers are when you give years only and not specific dates. It would mean to me you had several , unaccounted for months in your life. I do care that you were not working, I want to know why - you can tell them in the interview.

    Produced daily, weekly, monthly operational reports. Inventory managment report, cash reconcillation report.

    Suppervised staff of 8 fellow team members.

    Handled any customer complaint related issues.

    List any other important things you did here.

    You have had quite the number of hodge pod jobs - thats ok - tie them together when you get an interview. McDonnalds taught you some great customer service skills - hospitality skills ets. You just need to dress this up.

    Your profficient at MS Word (are you), Excell and PPT - don't lie, but saying you used it -

    Brief words, profit improved by x%, customer complaints went down by x%, Tie things to what employers care about - customer service - retention, profiitablity, team player, etc

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    First, get rid of your objective & summary. They are too wordy. By the time the employer reads those, they won't want to read much further. You do not have to mention the Eagle Scouts or Thespian either. What kind of job do you want? Your resume doesn't say how qualified you are in the job you are applying for. I have learned that you need to "write" your resume for the kind of job you are looking for. Does the job need an Eagle Scout? Probably not. What kind of job do you want? Do you want retail? Your resume should speak to the potential employer to fit their needs.

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  • Heryun
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    4 years ago

    Google "cover letter templates" You will be able to find samples of cover letters that you can go off of. This just basically gives a formal letter about you and your skills that you can give to the company your are applying for.

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