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How much of the documentary "Zeitgeist" should i believe?

Is it all true?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Not much. (and kudos for being skeptical)

    Zeitgeist is an intellectually dishonest documentary, not because of the filmmakers personal bias, but because of its disregard for the truth. There is so much questionable statements that can easily be refuted, or controversial points that have legitimate opposing views that should have been presented.

    - Regarding part 1: Jesus

    The "Mythology of Jesus" theory was an obscure and generally dismissed theory.

    It has gained exposure due to author "Acharya S" and her collaboration with the Zeitgeist filmmaker. (She is also author of the films companion guide). But even the casual but astute viewer will find considerable silliness in the some of the conjectures where practically any numerical or astrological connection 'proves' mytholical derision. Son=sun? Three stars in Orions belt = three kings? Virgo = Mary because the astrological sign sort of looks like an M? Who buys this stuff?

    Some other views:

    " The idea of Jesus as a myth is rejected by the majority of biblical scholars and historians. In 2004, Richard Burridge and Graham Gould stated that they did not know of any "respectable" scholars that held the view today. Robert E. Van Voorst has stated that biblical scholars and historians regard the thesis as "effectively refuted"."

    For a point-by-point analysis, see

    For more rebuttals, see

    - Regarding Part II: 9/11

    It should be noted upfront that being skeptical of the 'official version' of anything presented by the government or media, is a good thing for society. And it should also be noted that questioners of 9/11 'offical versions' range from genuine intellectual pursuits of greater truths, to bizarre interpretations specifically intended to support a unwavering point of view.

    The Zeitgeist filmmaker is part of that spectrum that has bought into the theory that the government orchestrated the whole thing. Unfortunately the evidence they selected and presented was sloppy and much of it easily disproved, even by members of the Truth movement. (I've heard some speculate this may have been a red-herring to discredit the 'truth' movement).

    For a point by point analysis, see

    - Regarding Part III: Men behind the curtain

    As a liberatarian, I found this part to have had the most potential in exposing abuses of government and men in power. Instead, it trots out tired long disproven conspiracy theories.

    "Income Tax law Doesn't exist" theory - Very stale. Consistently disproven over-and-over again. No new information, just new victims going to jail that fall for these arguments. Very sad.

    "Federal Reserve System is owned by international bankers" - Still a common conspiracy theory. Still wrong. The Federal Reserve System, is headed by the Board of Governors, a Government Agency (look it up - ). The Federal Reserve branches can definitely be considered tightly regulated corporations owned by their member banks, all of which must be American-owned by law. It is receives regular audits, and is overseen by congress.

    For a point-by-point analysis, check out:

    Other views:

    "There is no shortage of information which refutes this viewpoint. But this type of conspiracy relies on two elements common to web surfers: First, they're only willing to check facts at the most superficial level, which usually means they'll read a message or watch a clip just once before forming an opinion and moving on. " Ref:

    "...(a) common problem in the film: presenting something in such a shallow manner without further corroboration or scholarly evidence." - Ref:

    There are those who defend the film because they believe that agenda+motive is more important than truth. There is a certain irony here since the films overarching thesis is to be wary of those who would obfuscate the truth in an attempt to persuade others to their point of view.

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  • 3 years ago

    Zeitgeist Documentary

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  • lehner
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    3 years ago

    Zeitgeist The Movie

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  • 1 decade ago

    The first part of the first movie "Zeitgeist the movie" has been referred to as false and obsolete.

    Zeitgeist:Addendum and the orientation movie on the zeitgeist web site are both very interesting must see movies.

    Its less to me about belief or faith. If you can perceive the way than it is possible.

    These scientists and technologists are being brought together to see what they could do if they could advance technology and implement it without monetary infringement.

    They don't have a working model, and it well likely never happen in our life time.

    However I for one would like the neh sayers to get out of the way and stop taking it so seriously. Who knows what they might come up with?

    Seriously Id like to hear it, because Im a dreamer too.

    This was John Lennon's dream for us to "Imagine".

    There I said it!!

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  • 5 years ago

    All tree parts of zeitgeist is made on mostly false information. It is antiamerican propaganda. just look at the end of every part, author is suggesting to end up ties with government, not use money(aka dollar, and close banck accounts), not to watch tv. So all thee statments have aim to shake the state and thus TZM is an antistate movement to disorganise USA. Thats it. PROOF?

    ok- the silly statemment in first part of Zeitgeist that Jesus didnt exist and and the anti-christ agenda of third part. If Christ didnt exist then why he talks about anti-christ agenda, just one answer to SCARE you, because first part is absolute false and third part is absolute false. cause state who wants to kill its citizen in FEMA camps wont spent trillions of dollars on healthcare. Amero is false story, cause US dollar is already word reserve currency cause us economy is very strong. So all this stuff is manipulation. About 911-politics, international affairs. maybe US tryes to become a world empire....

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  • DOOM
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    1 decade ago

    You're using the term "documentary" very loosely.

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  • 1 decade ago

    It is a great documentary and yes it is all true. The best way to be convinced, however, is to start reading some quality history books.

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  • 6 years ago

    All I can add up on this comments is that...I believed in ALIENS!!!

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