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how come youtube wont let me upload the video?

well i made this video for my friend and i wanted to put it on youtube so she could see it but i made it from windows movie maker and it wont let me up load it everytime i try it says

"for ashlee.MSWMM

Upload Failed: User cancelled the upload.

Upload Failed: An unknown error occurred"

can someone tell me what im doing wrong?

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    If it is an MSWMM file, that is NOT a movie. It is only a set of instructions- compatible with AND ONLY WITH Windows Movie Maker.

    You have to open it with Windows Movie Maker, and then click "Publish to This Computer".

    The program will compile the file into a movie, which you can THEN upload to Youtube.

    Windows Movie Maker can Publish files in the WMV and AVI formats. I recommend WMV because AVI is obscenely large.


    Also, to make a video 720p widescreen HD using Windows Movie Maker, follow these steps.

    First, go to Tools/Options in Windows Movie Maker. Click the "Advanced" tab at the top.

    Now find "16:9" under the "Video Properties" section. Click on it. Now your view will be in 16:9 widescreen. But that's not all!

    Finish your movie. When it is time to publish, click "Publish to... This computer". Name your movie and set the destination. Click "Next".

    Now click "More Settings" and in the drop-down list next to it, click "Windows Media HD 720p". Click on this. Now click Publish.

    You just made a 720p HD video! Congratulations. Youtube supports 720p video. This is an example of a 720p HD Youtube video:

    Youtube thumbnail


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    Ok.. there are 3 rules on youtube, you make sure that it does NOT exceed 10 minutes, sometimes it takes a long time to upload it on youtube depending on your internet speed. Make sure it is compatible with youtube formats, such as AVI, WMV, MPEG. If you are downloading a big file remember it takes a while for the video to be placed on the youtube network.

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    You are trying to upload a Windows Movie PROJECT file. YouTube cannot convert .MSWMM files.

    In Movie Maker, Instead of “Save Project” you have to choose “Save Movie File” under the “File”menu, and save your movie as an .avi file.

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    could posible be the format of the file try changeing it u can change it when your about to save your work should say format try a different 1

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