Does anyone have any good ideas on books to read this summer?

i am a 16 year old girl and i love books like

Harry Potter

Chronicals of Narnia

Gemma Doyle Trilogy

i really want to read some books this summer, but i also want to read fun, easy to read books. Does anyone have good ideas?

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    1 decade ago
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    Piers Anthony


    1. On a Pale Horse

    2. Bearing an Hourglass

    3. With a Tangled Skein

    4. Wielding a Red Sword

    5. Being a Green Mother

    6. For Love of Evil

    7. And Eternity

    8. Under a Velvet Cloak

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    4 years ago

    I'm not really into those types, although I have read Meg Cabot in the past and Sarah Dessen is very good. I like deeper books or humour, I really liked: Junkie The Perks of Being a Wallflower On The Road Naked Lunch The Hour of The Star Me Talk Pretty One Day When You Are Engulfed in Flames A Man Without a Country The Metamorphosis The Destructors(short story) Speak(This one is a bit more girly, but not at all funny) The Lovely Bones Edit: The guy that mentioned Bill Bryson is right! The one about America is the best one. It'll really make you laugh/think.

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    I enjoyed the Gemma Doyle Trilogy very much! You might like reading books by Gail Carson Levine. Such as...

    Fairest,The Two Princesses of Bamarre and Ella Enchanted.

    You'll most likely love the "Mediator" series by: Meg Cabot. Totally fantastic.

    I do hope I helped some. ( ;

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    inkheart - the series is very fantasy

    vampire diaries - my favourite series and i'm 13 but i have friends that are 17 that love the series

    peeeps - a "realistic" vampire book

    midnighters - kinda sci fi but no alians, space ships more of the idea

    da vinci code - maybe a bit serious for the summer but good!

    angles and demons - the new movie is meant to be awesome my friends said the book was better than the movie could ever be

    and then there were none - agatha christie; can't go wrong! i saw the movie for school - amazing! i couldn't get my hands on the book but i played the wii game, which is also really good for a book-movie-game game

    or anything by these authors

    scott westerfeld <-- some good sci fi that aren't sci fi but idk what else you would call them

    agatha christie <-- amazing mysteries

    lj smith <-- she has some really good vampire books idk if you're into that thing. but even if you hate twilight (like me) try vampire diareis

    dan brown

    stephen king <-- too many books to list!

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    1 decade ago

    The Stand by Stephen King

    Where Eagles Dare by Alestair McLean

    The Taking of Pelham One Two Three by John Godey

  • 1 decade ago

    Private Series

    Uglies, Pretties, Specials, Extras

    The Host

    Twilight Series

    Just listen

    This Lullaby

    If I Stay

    The Realm of Possibility



    Secret Life of Bees

    Lock and Key

  • 1 decade ago

    Pillars of the Earth, by Ken Follett

    Shogun, by James Clavell

    Red Storm Rising, by Tom Clancy

    Pawn of Prophecy, by David Eddings – first of the Belgariad

    Destiny’s Road, by Larry Niven

    Footfall, by Larry Niven

    Inferno, by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournell

    Mote in God’s Eye and The Gripping Hand, by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournell

    A Forest of Stars, by Kevin Anderson – first of the Saga of the Seven Suns

    Crystal Shard, by RA Salvatore – First of the Drizzt Saga

    Watchers, by Dean Koontz

    Lightning, by Dean Koontz

    From the Corner of His Eye, by Dean Koontz

    Band of Brothers, by Stephen Ambrose

    Tarot, by Piers Anthony

    Captain Nemo by Kevin Anderson

    Prey, by Michael Crichton

    Timeline, by Michael Crichton

    Killer Angels, Michael Shaara

    Gods and Generals, Jeff Shaara

    Last Full Measure, Jeff Shaara

    All are great reads.

  • 1 decade ago

    Teen books i've read that were amazing were:

    -Such a Pretty Girl


    -The Book of Luke

    -Someone Like You


    -Just Listen






    -I heart you, You Haunt Me

    -Blue Bloods Series


    -Art Geeks and Prom Queens

    -Saving Zoe

    -House of Night Series

  • 1 decade ago

    My favorite fantasy book is Leven Thumps. It is a great series.

    Leven Thumps is a popular children's fantasy series by writer Obert Skye. The series, projected to have five books, deals with an orphaned 14-year old boy, Leven Thumps, who becomes involved in a battle between good and evil.

  • 1 decade ago

    Tamora Pierce is a really good choice! I LOVE her.

    Also maybe A Wrinkle in Time or possible the House of Night series.

    Hope that helps!

    The Warrior Stone, The Dragon Stone.. etc series is really good and rly easy as well.

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