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Nike Sumo 2 5900 driver?

I am currently in the market to buy a new driver. I am curently hitting a Taylor made 580 xd. I don't have any problems with distance, and when I get inconsistent with my driver I hit a hook, and almost never a slice. I have read some really good reviews on the Nike Sumo 2 5900 driver especially when talking about forgiveness. Also the Nike Sumo 2 is dirt cheap right now since the Dymo came out. Anyone who has played the Sumo 2 5900 club please share your thoughts.

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    I own this driver and I was fitted for it and I love it! I was unfortunate to have paid full price for it as I got it right after it came out, but even then I felt it was worth it, as the results with it, have been fantastic for me. I got mine w/ the Aldila NV shaft in a regular flex, with a 10.5 degree head. My clubhead speed was between getting a stiff or a regular flex, so my fitter put me on this Aldila shafted version as the shaft behaved like a 9.5 degree, but it killed some of the RPMs I had. This was a magic combo for me and the results were great on the monitor and on the golf course. It's got a great sound, it's very long versus my old driver, which was the original Nike SQ, and it's VERY forgiving, as you can toe it or heel it, and still get it out there pretty good. I am biased because I own the club, but it's a gigantic value @ $149 and I've actually considered buying another one just for back up because they are so cheap right now and I just love the darn thing!

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    it somewhat is a candy club. I used it in a condo set once I performed the Wailea Blue direction on Maui. The nike does pass very some distance and immediately while you're making sturdy touch with the ball. It additionally has good ball flight it is neither too penetrating or too lofty. on the different hand, i could actual advise demoing the club earlier you purchase it because of the fact the outsized shape of the driving force head could be somewhat distracting earlier each and every little thing and the sound of thecontinual at impression is amazingly loud and undesirable. for my section i could advise the club because of the fact I in simple terms approximately offered one once I decrease back abode. the main mandatory element is making an attempt it out for your self to be certain if it suits your interest. goodluck

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    I use this driver, and yes it is very forgiving.......not especially long, but you don't lose distance for substandard swings either.

    One note, you mention your normal miss is a hook....be aware that this driver does have a draw bias

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    have not played it ,a playing parntner seemed ok with it,i am trying the new big bertha dia. driver

    Source(s): own experience, www.qualitycoservices.com
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