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Alice in Wonderland Prom Theme? Nails?

I am getting my nails done for prom and the theme is alice in wonderland. I want to get a design on one of my nails. one of my friends is getting the 10/6 that is one the mad hatters hat. what is a design that could go with my dress ( ) the blue one. ??

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    Another big theme in AiW is cards. Try looking into getting little cards on your nails, or if you want them to match better with the dress, I think blue card symbols would look fantastic (heart, spade, etc.)

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    Im not really sure why you've chose this dress for an Alice in wonderland theme, you would have been better off choosing a more summery colour! Flowers are a big theme in Alice in wonderland, so maybe like a small bunch of cute Pansy's or something, in maybe purple, blue and a fuchsia colour to compliment the dress.

    Other ideas could be,

    A old clock face design

    A black bow

    Card shapes (Ace,Heart,Diamond, Club)

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    What would be really cute would be if you did tips in a design & the rest normal. The design could be blue & white diamonds. The Queen of Hearts had red & black diamonds, or red & white I can't remember. Then your toes could be the blue & white diamond as well. A simple idea that is still Alice & Wonderland themed.

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    I love your dress! Okay, here are two 'theme' ideas....

    1.) The flowers. There's that scene where Alice is tiny, and all the flowers are singing and talking. You could put flowers on your nails, have flower jewelry, and a flower clip (or something).

    2.) Queen of Hearts. You could put hearts on your nails (the nails would have to be red of course - it's a reference to the movie....) and there's plenty of heart jewelry around. Also, if you put your hair up, you could take an actual Queen of Hearts and put it in your hair!

    Good Luck! Have Fun!

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    cute ours is masquerade use a balloon arch for the entrance tutorials on youtube. the clocks can be part of the theme use a ice cream lids first you need ice cream lids ask your principal to make an announcement for the prom committee. you'll need tissue paper or plain paper make roman numerals around the paper in a circle cut to fit the lids outline the rim with a black magic marker you can make the other lid plain with paper and outline the rim .theres a cool part we all know that we cant use real candles use a tea light and a white party bag to put the tea light in this will be your ccenterpiece's for good ideas go to youtube or Anderson's prom

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    You could do hearts. Because of the queen of hearts.

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    probably a dark blue almost black color with a teac cup spilling... but that may be to intricate. maybe playing cards isn't that in the movie. well i tried to help

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    If i were you i get a catipiller or something!

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