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Roy Jones v. Silva, Trigg, Diaz?

People are getting all upset about this, I just read an article about how it was "pointless" which I've heard before as well.

This is sports, why does everything have to have some epic or salient point? We are already bad enough were we need/allow single games or fights to determine huge and ultimate issues.

Roy Jones v. any recognizable MMA fighter (by the way that elminates 99% of MMA fighters when it comes to the rest of the world) could be a sort of cool event. To see if Roy can stay off his back long enough to display world class boxing against a guy offering a completley new kind of resistence.

It won't determine who the best MMA fighter on the planet is, or whether every boxer can beat every MMA fighter, but so what? Owner, promoters, sports writers, networks, already are too far gone, but when FANS start treating sports like a business its just not going to be fun anymore.

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    roy jones wont fight any mma fighter with mma rules and jones would kill silva,trigg,and nick, in a boxing match , but why would any1 wanna see roy on his back , thats just crap, and ppl should stop talkin about mma and mension boxing cuz its a totally different thing, im getting sick of hearin that an mma fighter will beat a boxer , there two totally different sports so ppl should just stop bringin this up

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    the ufc president dana white is a hypocrit, i remember he told floyd to come in get in the cage cuz he thought floyd would lose but now that RJ called pple out he is afraid of RJ makin MMA look bad dana white is da type of person thats says he would never watch kimbo slice fight but he be the 1st 1 to turn on the tv when kimbo is fighting.

    but if RJ did get in the cage wit silva i think he would have a chance becuz silva wants a challege these daysz and i dont think he will take the easy way out and try and take RJ to the ground i think he would stand up and come forward which gives RJ a good chance since RJ is a counter-pouncher.

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    I think it's a stupid move because they are different sports. Maybe when he had his super speed intact and could be elusive and use his cock-fight strategy...but now I just see him getting hurt. First because he is not the fighter he once was and 2 because he will be fighting them on their turf.

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