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Since Miss California kept her crown?

Shouldn't every pageant contestant who's crown was taken away because of nude photos be reimbursed?

The only reason she kept her crown was the fact that she's pretty, blonde and republican.

Vanessa Williams is also pretty!


2 Answers

  • rowlfe
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago
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    Not FAIR? Exactly WHO said it was fair? Trump OWNS the USA pageant, and HE decided in her favor. What wasn't fair was judging against her for her position on marriage, which by the way IS the same opinion as that of the President AND the majority of the adult population of the United States. Perez Hilton is the one who should be censored here for pushing his personal agenda. Out of political correctness, we let an individual push his bigoted minority view on to us all by denying her the crown because of her answer. Hilton even admitted she lost the Miss USA crown because of her answer to his question. The other thing unfair, was the Miss CA pageant PAYING for breast augmentation. I think it rather strange that Miss CA is pushing the "natural" agenda when it comes to marriage, but has fake boobs, paid for by the Miss CA pageant....

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i thought miss americas are not supposed to have inappropriate photos especially nude ones. she should of lost it, they no the rules of the competition and what it means to have the crown.

    republican has nothing to do with it.

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