anyone have info on Behcet's Syndrome?

I posted yesterday about a spot I have had appear in the exact same location a couple of times now. It started out as just a red bump in the area I shave my genitals (right at the peak where the outer labia/vaginal lips part). I did something I know is bad... I squeezed it and out came a clearish to yellow oily liquid. Now the bump is deflated but the area is red and appears to have a whitish to skin colored covering, on it, flat and somewhat raw looking but not like an oozing sore and there is no scabbing Whatever it is SEEMS to be responding to neosporin, is Behcet's a skin condition that would respond well to neosporin? I have had a culture done on a previous bump they were able to open and test the fluid and it came back negative for HSV. I want to reiterate that this is a single location, I have no other bumps or sores anywhere on my genitals. I had not shaved my genital region for 2-3 days when the small pea sized bump appeared so there was regrowth. It is now almost a full 48 hours and it seems to be gone. So I am looking for info on Behcet's Syndrome and pictures if possible and also curious if it was a cyst from an ingrown hair or folliculitis if my squeezing it would cause it to appear more raw then previous.


LOL, oh I came up with Behcet's Syndrome doing what you should never do and googling different things. Which seems to just cause moe anxiety. I am just trying to pinpoint a cause other than a possible herpes infection. I just think its odd that its always in the same spot, one spot only, and never has liquid or whatever you want to call it coming out unless I am down there being inspector gadject and stretching the skin. It does not seem to weep or have liquid coming out unless I apply pressure to it. I meant to say above as well that it has been almost a full 48 hours and it appears to be ALMOST gone. Although it does appear more red and raw since I squeezed it, and I am wondering too if an infected hair follicle or ingrown hair can cause a red raw sore after squeezing it.

Update 2:

Oh and its hard for me to tell if it is a hair and where it exactly is because the hair in that area for me is blonde or light in color compared to the outer genital area which is dark like my natural hair color. For some reason the hair on my inner labia is light

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  • 1 decade ago

    Why do you think you have Behcet's syndrome? It has many more symptoms than you describe and neosporin won't do anything for it.

    You may have a simple cyst but do not squeeze a cyst because it drives infection deeper under the skin and makes it very sore. If the cyst is bothersome it can be removed in your doctors office. I've had it done and it's not a big deal.

    You really need to talk to your doctor or gynocologist to have it diagnosed. You'll feel much better just knowing for sure.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Wow. Where did you come up with Behcet? That's pretty obscure.

    Behcet is an autoimmune disorder in which the blood vessels affected.

    Your condition sounds like an tiny little infection from an ingrown hair. It'll probably heal on its own, but will do so much faster if you are able to get the offending hair up above the skin.

    God bless.

    Source(s): Paramedic
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